HM Government Coronavirus Advice for cat owners (video)

Nothing new or enlightening in the video but I was surprised to see the UK government providing advice on Twitter. There is a lot of talk about this though such as whether companion animals can be reservoirs for the virus. But the video does state that we should wash our hands before and after touching our companion animals (cats and dogs usually).

And that means the NHS 20 second wash not the usual cursory splash under cold water. Whose going to do it? What percentage of people are going to comply? A study found that young people under 35 were more likely to break the rules on social distancing but tell others that they were complying. It is because they feel they disease won’t kill them. And to a large extent they are correct. And they break the rules quite a lot. If there are gatherings outside of unrelated individuals you’ll find that it is nearly always young people.

NHS advice for pet owners
NHS advice for pet owners. These are my words based on the informational video below.
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