Home Remedies for Hairballs in Cats

Home remedies for hairballs in cats are rarely needed, in my opinion, because cats have a well developed way of removing them either by defecation or throwing up.  The difficulty as I see it is knowing when there is a hairball problem that can and could be treated with a home remedy. Anyway, below is a slightly chaotic video presenting information about home remedies for hairballs in cats. Below it are some keywords on the subject.

  1. The scientific name for cat hairballs is: trichobezoars.
  2. Regularly groom your cat particularly long haired cats and during the shedding season – the summer – because there is more light. This is a preventative measure.
  3. There are two dietary supplements used to control hairballs:
    1. lubricants help to slide the hairball out and
    2. fiber (fibre) which helps to push the hair along the digestive tract.
  4. In category A we have petroleum based-based laxatives. In category B we have high-fiber bulk additives such as Lax-ese. I’d ask your vet about these. They probably sell them or you cat get them online.
  5. There are cat foods designed for hairball control such as Hills Science Diet Hairball Control and Purina ONE® Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula.
  6. A safe and effective home remedy is (a) white petroleum jelly. Half a teaspoon once or twice a week or (b) mineral oil added to cat food once or twice a week at a dose of 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight. Not to be given by mouth. Both petroleum jelly and mineral oil decrease absorption of fat-soluble vitamins if given in large quantities over a long time, so beware.
  • Note: the reason for the video is simply to present information in a different and hopeful more relaxing way. Also it amuses me a bit. If it is disastrous, please tell me in a polite comment!
  • Search results for cat hairballs on PoC.
  • The book referred to is Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook.
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Home Remedies for Hairballs in Cats — 22 Comments

  1. Thank you, Michael. I did not know that you had all of those videos available. As Babz said, it is good to hear your voice 🙂 Well, it was first take, and it was excellent!

    • Thanks Cal. I believe in getting the message across rather than making it super slick. And referring to the book gives it credibility I think and something for me to hang onto.

    • Thanks Babz. It was first take one take and continuous so no chance to hide things except I did use a lowish definition camera (on the computer) to hide the age in my tired face 😉 LOL.

      • I think you have a handsome face, Michael. I love the accent.
        Why are we humans so critical of ourselves? Cats aren’t.
        And, great info about hairballs and solutions.
        Every cat person needs to know this.

        • Thanks Dee. Well, to be honest, I just feel like doing a video sometimes because I get a but tired of typing words 😉 And it makes a change. Also talk videos can communicate better sometimes. A lot of websites use video to communicate. Online newspapers use video much more these days.

  2. I love your videos Michael, lots of good advice in this one. I kept expecting Charlie to pop up lol
    Unfortunately our Jozef is the cat from hell for eating a special diet or taking any of the things that help, so our solution is a few small pats of best butter licked off my fingers. I groom him every day, he doesn’t cast that much fur really and we’ve even bought some nit combs to make sure we miss no loose hair.
    He loves being groomed, so does Walter, he very rarely has a hairball but poor Jo is prone to them, as some cats are.

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