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  1. Even though I have worked in the vet field, I still take my cats to the vet for treatment it and when they get anabcess. I’ve seen too many turn sour and then the cat is in a worse state.

    • Exactly Susan, same as me, having worked for vets I have seen many cats end up seriously ill through not being treated promptly and properly for an abscess.

  2. You are right Michael! An abscess may burst and the pus drain out and the caretaker clean the wound and think all will be well. But it may fill up again and cause the cat further pain! Also, without a course of antibiotics there is a high risk of infection which can make the cat very ill.

    • Hi, my beloved R.
      Yes, you are so right.
      But, since you know me so well, you know that I handle that sort of malady on my own since I have access to what is usually needed.
      However, the major key for caretakers attempting to deal with this themselves is to know when they need professional help. Some do, some don’t. It can get scary.

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