Home Treatment for Cat Kidney Failure

Tripsy™ for cats is a product that I had heard little about until a colleague of mine, Sandy, referred me to it. She is buying it. What I do know about it now is that it has excellent reviews both on the website that sells the product and on Amazon. I will therefore suggest that it is worth trying as a home treatment for cat kidney failure. Kidney failure kills and this is a herbal remedy. That tells us that it is worth trying.

Kidney failure in domestic cats is a major problem particularly for elderly cats. It really is very commonplace and I myself lost a female cat to chronic kidney disease who I loved dearly. If I had known about Tripsy™ for cats at the time I would have tried it.

I would love to hear from visitors although this is probably unlikely. However, if you do have first-hand experience of using this product then please comment about it. If your cat has chronic kidney disease and your veterinarian is struggling to deal with it (vets often do, it seems to me) then you may consult with your veterinarian about this product and try it.

Tripsy™ is veterinary approved we are told by the manufacturer. It’s a herbal remedy. It promotes urinary health. It can ease pain. Tripsy™ contains what the manufacturer describes as “potent herbs” such as Stone Root, Parsley Piert and Gravel Root. These herbs help prevent kidney stones. In addition, urinary antiseptic herbs like Wild Hydrangea help to reduce the formation of urinary calculi. Further, nutritive herbs such as Marshmallow act as a diuretic. The manufacturer also is claims that Parsley Piert and Oregon Grape stimulate the pancreas. Liver and gall bladder function is supported by Stone Root.

It looks safe. I have read some of the reviews and I see nothing which indicates the product is problematic. You can usually tell if there is a problem.

3 thoughts on “Home Treatment for Cat Kidney Failure”

  1. It is a product I will keep in mind should one of my Clowder have kidney failure. I have lost cats to that disease and it is awful for the cat and the human.

  2. Thank you for posting this Michael. It seems that this is not just for cats with kidney failure, but can also help with UTI, especially males with blockage and crystals. It’s a preventative, and a pain relieving solution.

    I give my cat D-Mannose in each meal, as a UTI preventative, but it’s normally not viewed as a cure. Although I’ve read that it can be, if given in larger amounts. I want to have Tripsy in my 1st aid kit for Mitzy, and may switch once I’m finished with the D-Mannose.


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