Home treatment for cat skin irritation

The testimony of a visitor tells me that coconut oil can be used as a home treatment for cat skin scabs. And a vet website indicates it can be used to help alleviate skin irritation. So here’s a post about a possible home treatment for cat skin irritation. If anyone has first hand experience of this treatment please pass it on in a comment.

Ragdoll cat who had skin scabs alleviated with coconut oil
Ragdoll cat who had skin scabs alleviated with coconut oil
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I first heard of coconut oil as a home treatment when a visitor commented on a web page on my site about a Ragdoll Cat who had scabs. The person who wrote the post was looking for advice. It was written some time ago.

Ragdoll Cat Skin Scabs

The visitor who also has a Ragdoll cat companion wrote the following:

“I have tried everything to help get rid of the skin problems on my 4 yr old ragdoll. She ended up needing a cortisone shot for her allergies but it didn’t help with the skin problem. Finally I decided to try coconut oil that is good for the skin and hair, or in this case fur. I used it twice in a one week period and used a flea comb to comb it through her fur around the head and neck. Then used a brush to brush it through the rest of her fur. The scabs have not come back on her head and neck in two week time. She is eating better and looking better.”

The comment seems genuine and the result successful. I looked up information about coconut oil treating skin problems on cats. The result was encouraging. The vetinfo.com website states that coconut oil is recognised as a way to manage mange and fleas. When applied to the skin it can help reduce the symptoms of dry, itchy skin. It has antioxidant properties. It helps to soothe damaged skin. Is said that the fatty acids contained in coconut oil can help to remove layers of dead skin which cause dryness and itching. They also help to strengthen the connective tissues making up the layers of skin.

It is also safe if ingested by your cat. Cats appear not to be bothered about the taste. However, it would seem sensible to prevent your cat licking the coconut oil because that means he would be licking his skin and the objective is to stop that happening to ease the itchiness. A homemade Elizabethan collar might be the solution.

It should not be assumed that because coconut oil appears to be beneficial, you can use vegetable and animal oils. Don’t use them.

It makes sense to seek personal veterinary advice on all anecdotal cat remedes although this one is backed up by online veterinary advice. Also, the reason for scabs is likely to be because the skin itches which results in the cat scratching the itch which then turns to a scab. Therefore the ultimate solution is to stop the itching. Itching can be caused by an allergy. The cure is to isolate the allergen causing the allergy and remove it from the cat’s life. Unfortunately this can be a challenge.

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