Home treatment for worms in cats

There is a safe, entirely non-chemical way to treat worms in cats. It is suitable as a home treatment I’d say. It is food grade diatomaceous earth. It is fossilised algae, an organic product and natural. It is mined from the ground. You have probably heard about it. It should be handled carefully to avoid it being breathed in as it is a very fine dust.

food grade diatomaceous earth

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I don’t believe veterinarians ever recommend it or use it. I have never heard of vets using it. That does not mean it is not a good treatment. Conventional, veterinary treatments are effective but they are poisons and it is presumed that the poisons are more poisonous to the worm than the cat. That is obvious I suppose but it makes the point.

Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and positively not a poison. It kills worms by cutting open the exoskeleton (the external skeleton). It achieves this because it is a very fine, abrasive white powder, the particles of which have microscopic, razor sharp edges which grate against the worms cutting and desiccating them. Apparently diatomaceous earth also destroys blood-borne parasites.

Please ask your vet about it before proceeding but my research indicates that half a teaspoon added to a kitten’s food for ten days suffices and for an adult one teaspoon is the correct dosage.

In addition pumpkin seed oil can be added to food to boost the effect. Pumpkin seed oil is toxic to parasites but not cats. For kittens a 500 mg capsule can be squeezed onto food. But check with your vet who may poo poo the whole idea. Fair enough.

Plenty of water should be provided as food grade diatomaceous earth has a desiccating effect.

It is available on Amazon:

The product can be used by people as well:

“My first time trying diatomaceous earth. What a strange feeling when you drink it! It’s definitely having a positive effect…..Diatomaceous Earth has changed my life, I’m pain free for he first time in years, and it has also killed off my Parasites . I Love this stuff. (comments on Amazon by people who have drunk/eaten it.

P.S. although rarely used, food grade diatomaceous earth can also be used to kill cat fleas. It is rubbed into the fur, left for a while (about 20 minutes) and then the coat needs to be washed to remove it. I would only recommend this if the cat has an infestation and if an holistic approach is taken to remove the flea from the environment simultaneously. It can also be used to prevent fleas by sprinkling it in the backyard.

Source: healthwyze.org and myself

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  1. I don’t, Michael. Percentages = math; I don’t do math. But it is a very common “home” remedy among rescuers and rescues. It is added to food, dusted on animals, sprinkled on furniture, floors, etc. Drawback is that it looks like an explosion in a cocaine factory.

    • Thanks for that. I think diatomaceous earth is a nice, simple, harmless way of controlling parasites which makes it very practical which is why rescues like it. Interesting. I have used it and I agree it is very fine and powdery.


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