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Home webcam has benefits in cat caretaking/guardianship — 3 Comments

  1. I think this is very helpful in homes with babies and small children. It might be fun to see what a cat does during the day, but many just sleep. I see what my cat does, since I’m with her during most days. She sleeps!

    One home I worked in had cameras in every room, except the toilets. Seemed kind of strange, but if they were ever robbed, it could help identify the suspects.

    I think “nanny cams” are a wise purchase if parents can afford them.

    • Agreed. I believe that for some people the time lapse facility of this webcam might inform them about their cat’s behaviour when they are away a lot. It might change their attitude towards their cat and make them more aware and sensitive to their cat’s needs. I feel there is a segment of cat owners who are a little insensitive to the needs of domestic cats.

  2. If you don’t want it..don’t get it. It’s a good thing to have to keep an eye on things in your own home. For those against it…no one is forcing you to have it. Also it depends on where the camera is placed. I see nothing wrong with it.

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