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Homeless Pet Owners — 7 Comments

  1. Please send me info at elisablacktaylor@gmail.com. Send photos of the cats and a contact email and what the situation is and I’ll do an article asking for a foster until things are better. There are very likely a few rescues in the area who can help with a temporary foster home. I can do the article tonight after midnight when I come into work, as I won’t have internet at home. Hopefully someone will reply soon once I network it.

  2. My neighbor had been evicted from her apartment/complex. Her final night of stay is July 2. Her only family in the WORLD is her 2 Persians cats. The neighbor is 58 yrs old. Although she knows she must relinquish them until she gets a new apartment (possibly 2 months) is there a temporary home she could place them in here in La sVegas? Must she give her “children” away? Our neighbor is so distraught!

  3. I’m Rose’s son and I’m curious as to who this “Anonymous” speaking against Rose is. Your negative information about her is all quite true. I’d love to have a personal chat as I’m personally trying to have her held responsible for all she’s done regarding so many things. It’s taken me years to learn as much as I have about her activities and she’s getting angrier the more I learn.

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