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Homely Dr Churan Advocates Automatic Declawing — 4 Comments

  1. This so-called vet needs to be drawn and quartered. Nah, let’s just hog tie her and cut her fingertips off and see how she likes it. I’m glad my vet does not do declaws, and never has. He’s been practicing for over 40 years.

  2. Why hasn’t this quack lost her license yet? I worked for her in 1990. She’s declawed cats when the owner didn’t request it. Worse, she has untrained staff doing injections and anasthesia. I got told I was f-ing stupid because I didn’t know how to turn the valves on the oxygen and gas. She kicks dogs in the ribs and hits them in the face with leashes if they’re scared or fighting back. She even put a catheter in a male cat and stitched it to the cat’s skin without any kind of anasthetic. We were ordered to cut dog’s claws very short until they bled, which I refused to do. I didn’t work there long.

    I reported her multiple times and nothing was done- animal cruelty laws were more lax then. I’ve warned people about taking their pets there. Hopefully they helped spread the word.

    • Good for you for bravely speaking out Bella, I hope this cruel excuse for a vet has been punished and struck off the register by now!
      If not, then I wish her the most horrible and painful Karma ever.

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