Homely Dr Churan Advocates Automatic Declawing

by Michael

Dr. Churan of the Animal Clinic Of South Elgin is the homely, friendly unassuming vet who could be your mom. She is the leading veterinarian at her clinic. She sets the tone and creates the culture.

She advocates automatic declawing of cats bundled together with spaying and neutering and all three surgical procedures should take place as soon as possible after the birth of the kitten. Don’t seek alternatives. Just amputate. She is indirectly promoting declawing by bundling it with neutering.

She says don’t wait and see if you can train your cat to scratch a post. The use of scratching posts are not even mentioned. She makes it clear that a cat can’t “do destructive behaviors” (as she calls scratching) as it stops a positive relationship developing between cat and person. She says there is “nothing more frustrating than a cat that is destroying your home and you can’t do anything about.”

Note the “can’t do anything about it”. Wrong Dr Churan. There are many alternatives that don’t entail the unnecessary mutilation of the cat. I think you should go back to vet school (in England!). See also The “3 D’s” to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture by Maggie Sharp (there are many other articles – over 200 – please search from the home page).

She advocates declawing as the best way of managing scratching furniture as it is a “win win” situation – everyone is happy! Are you sure Dr. Churan? Are you sure the cat is happy and content having the last phalange of his or her toes amputated?

She advocates declawing as young as possible. As mentioned, she advocates automatic declawing. She argues against “wait and see”. Don’t wait and see just cut off those toe ends she says. Clearly clients come in and ask about declawing (suggesting that they are not sure about it) and she encourages these people to declaw. This is in direct contravention of her oath and AVMA policy (
for what it is worth – not much

If the cat scratches household objects she says the only thing you can do is to declaw! No suggestion of alternatives. This in breach of AVMA code, veterinarian’s oath and morality.

For most cats it is a natural behavior to claw things, she says. Let’s take care of that early, she says..and cut off those toes. It is more humane for the cat to declaw the cat! She even hints that the alternative to not declawing is relinquishing the cat.

She says that declawed cats don’t have psychological problems. In other words she is saying by implication that “all cats are fine after the operation”. This goes against the conclusions of respected studies.

These are her details:

Animal Clinic Of South Elgin
896 N La Fox St South Elgin, IL 60177

“Serving South Elgin pets since 1984”.

Their motto is:

“Our goal is to have a wonderful relationship between owners and pets”. At her clinic, the only way to have that is to mutilate the cat! So says quaint Dr Churan.

Declawing will not stop in the USA until they start training the veterinarians differently (to follow their bl**dy oath for a start) and a new breed of vets is produced that gradually pushes out these dinosaurs.

If you’d like to do something about this vet try leaving a comment on Google. Click on this link and click on the link to her clinic (adjacent to red marker left hand column). – My thanks to Yvonne for this idea.


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Homely Dr Churan Advocates Automatic Declawing

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May 21, 2012 A step in the right direction NEW
by: Ruth

(05-17) 13:53 PDT Sacramento, Calif. (AP) —
Landlords could not require renters to declaw or devocalize their pets under a bill approved by the state Senate.
They also would be prohibited from rejecting tenants who refuse to have such surgery on their pets. They could not advertise in a way that discourages renters whose pets have claws or can bark.
Landlords who violate the restrictions would face civil fines up to $1,000 for each pet.
SB1229 by Democratic Sen. Fran Pavley passed 37-0 Thursday and goes to the Assembly. Pavley, from Agoura Hills, says the surgeries can cause physical harm to pets and emotional harm to their owners.
Read more:

Soon other places will follow this great lead and it will be illegal everywhere for landlords to reject tenants who won’t have their cats declawed!
Roll on that day!
There should be no choice as to whether a person puts their cat through this cruel and unnecessary surgery which is banned in 39 countries as animal abuse.
Children can do more damage than clawed cats, yet no landlord woud ask they be defingered!!!!
I have a Wiccan friend who is disgusted at the suggestion that abusing a cat by declawing should be anyone’s choice let alone a fellow Wiccan.
There is NEVER a reason to do so.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

May 20, 2012 No reason! NEW
by: Sue G.

Kim – before you brag about being an ordained Wiccan priestess, remember that Wicca is a nature-based faith which preaches the greatest respect for all life – how can the cruelty of cat declawing EVER fit in with that? If it was made illegal, landlords could never insist it was done, and there are so many cat owners around that they would be losing out on a huge share of the market if they refused to rent to cat owners! It is the fact that this vile procedure is seen as “normal” in the U.S. which propagates this. I do live in the U.K. and I couldn’t afford to buy a place, either; once a friend and I were jointly renting and we turned down a place, needless to say, because we were told we couldn’t take the cats! (We found somewhere we were allowed to; they got several year’s worth of rent, so that made sense all ’round)! As to the “other side” of the declawing debate, it’s like a Moebius band; there ISN’T one!!!!!!!!!

Apr 09, 2012 I’ll simply leave you all with this … NEW
by: Kim

While I don’t agree with this vets “only” solution, I do very strongly believe that declawing MUST remain a choice! Perhaps Countries such as the United Kingdom who have made this procedure illegal have a more relaxed attitude on allowing cat owners/guardians to have a clawed cat live in their complexes and apartments, but where I live here in the States, I assure you that you would be very hard pressed to find a landlord (not everyone can afford to buy a house) who is willing to allow a cat with claws! Seriously!

Before people call this woman a “bloody witch” and so on, and by the way I am an ordained Wiccan Priestess of 16 years who doesn’t appreciate the offensive slander, perhaps they should hear exactly “why” someone would choose to declaw their cat. I have done my research on the subject and I believe it only fair that others educated themselves on the other side of this controversial procedure.

I have written a post on one of my blogs about this very subject and all I am saying is that it should remain a choice for those who either have it done, or not be able to give a deserving cat a loving home! We have three declawed cats and they are happy, healthy and loving.

Here is the link: http://witchcatsblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/to-declaw-or-not-to-declaw.html

Feb 23, 2012 I’ve left a comment on Google
by: Leah England

Good old Google I doubt she’ll be able to remove the reviews from there in a hurry the bloody witch.

I am just sickened how do these vets manage to get away with it time and again?

She is just lying through her teeth to make as much money as possible through animal suffering. How I’d love to make her suffer. Can you imagine how many cats have lost their precious toes in her hands? And with that don’t give a shit attitude I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she didn’t give a shit about how careful she was with the procedure after all if you’re capable of animal cruelty on that level you’re not going to care how you go about it.

I could cry when I think of the amount of cats she’s brutalised.

Shame on you, you vile despicable witch breaking your oath to harm no animal and lying time and again to chop of those little toes!

I hope she choke’s on the food she’s bought with her blood money!

Feb 14, 2012 Jo
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting and commenting Jo. I agree. I just feel she needs retraining and I mean that. I am trying to find something constructive to say!

She has developed some bad habits. Perhaps the veterinary profession should have automatic checks and retraining sessions particularly for the older vets who have developed ideas from 40 years ago when things were different.

40 years ago a lot of vets didn’t think cats felt pain (or not much) as I recall. Cats were deliberately not given pain meds to stop them using their paws and opening up the wounds. Madness.

Feb 13, 2012 This Vet should Lose Her License
by: Jo Singer

I just found this Michael, and I am very disturbed about this video and story. This vet should be reported to the AVMA for violating their albeit very weak stand on declawing, it still is against their recommendation that the procedure should not be done unless everything else has been tried.

There are too many vets out here that worship the mighty dollar and don’t worship their feline patients. Her information is inaccurate and misleading and just makes me want to scream, to be honest.

Thanks for alerting anyone who possibly might be considering this so called animal doctor- as a practitioner.

I am just speechless.


Feb 13, 2012 One Word…Nauseating.
by: Kelly

First..I was angry. Then, livid. Lastly, reduced to the point of tears.

Vets were always my heroes. As an animal lover all of my life, I had, at one time, aspired to be one.But after 4 years of biology, I chose, instead, to become a technician. I LOVE being hands on. I can confidently say, after some 20 years, that I am damn good at my job. I made good money my first few years in the field of small animal medicine working for private practice, but I quickly made the decision to do shelter work. The fur babies in the worst shape, the ones in most dire need of care, love, and attention. Its been 17 years…and I have not looked back.

I dont do it for praise or money. I do it for the love of the animals in my care. We, the veterinary community, are THEIR last line of defense. We are responsible for their well-being, both MENTAL and physical.

Dr. Churan, you have made me ashamed to be a member of a profession in which “doctors” like you practice. How can you take that oath, swear to DO NO HARM, and then create more pain and suffering in one morning than some convicted abusers cause in a lifetime.

You are a disappointment madam. A horrific, hypocritical, disappointment.

Feb 12, 2012 What a blatant pack of lies spouted by Dr Churan
by: Michele S.

Wow, Dr Churan really is keen to earn her blood money. She preaches the assumption that cats will destroy your home and furnishings but never mentions of how easy it actually is to teach them claw manners.

She talks of spaying and neutering as though they are only done to eliminate undesirable behaviours. Then again I guess if she mentioned the health benefits to the cat themselves, then it wouldn’t be easy for her to casually compare neutering with declawing because she wouldn’t be able to cite a single benefit to the cat.

She doesn’t even use the term amputation when talking about declawing, preferring instead to talk about taking care of “incisions” during the recovery stage.

People like Dr Churan really have no shame whatsoever. The more people who become aware of her true attitude towards the welfare of cats the better. I can’t imagine why anyone who genuinely cares for their cat would entrust them into the care of this unscrupulous and amoral vet.

Feb 12, 2012 Let’s declaw the vet.
by: Mary O

I find it amazing she does not speak of any other option other than declawing…..what a sad state of animal affairs. Any Vet that goes straight for declawing as the only remedy, is only lining her own pockets at the expense of your cat. This type of Vet should be steered clear of….

Feb 12, 2012 Leave a review on their Google page
by: Yvonne

Please go to their Google page & write a review so people looking for a vet won’t bring their defenceless kitties there. Here is the link:

Click on this link and then click on the link to Animal Clinic of Elgin (it has a red flag/marker against it in the column (lower left of page) which takes you to a page where you can leave a review. Many have and you will be pleased to see them!

Feb 12, 2012 re-educate!
by: Anonymous

I belong to a group called PADS- People Against Declaw Surgery…I sent Dr. Churan a packet full of info against declawing. Her clinic will be on our list of places that we hold our rallies to educate pet owners! She and all the vets like HER have got to be STOPPED!!!! She is a MONSTER!!!!

Feb 12, 2012 me too
by: Anonymous

I saw the link on there too and what’s more a comment saying vets don’t always give cats pain medication after the declawing surgery.
It gets worse so thanks to Michael for bringing another pimp to our notice and another clinic to avoid at all cost.
SHAME ON THE USA for letting declawing happen.

Feb 12, 2012 Dr.Churan
by: Irish Cornaire ~ Co~Founder stopcrush.org

If she was to go back to England to relearn in vet school she would be ostracized since delawing has been banned through out the UK as well as Ireland,I would just prefer her to stay the USA.

Feb 12, 2012 Why do the AVMA allow it?
by: Anonymous

I saw the link to this on facebook and I’m astounded the AVMA allow it to go on.
They say they can’t enforce their policy.
Why not?
Surely if anyone is in the position to stop this cruel abuse of cats the AVMA are!
Otherwise what are they there for?

Great work PoC in exposing another vet who would be more at home in a slaughterhouse mutilating animals to earn a living.

Feb 12, 2012 Smug
by: Mrs M

Dr Churan is very smug in thinking people will think she made that video out of the goodness of her heart to save homes from being destroyed and keep children protected.
Maybe we’d have believed her if it was wild animals she was talking about and not small domestic cats.
But she’s laughable in that she advises tiny kittens, the younger the better don’t forget, should be declawed just incase years down the line they scratch someone our worse still they scratch the precious furniture.
She even says it’s natural to scratch!!!!!
Oooohhhh stop that nasty natural behavior or you’ll get kicked out, no, far better rob the cat of its claws so it cant be a cat.
Better it’s a soft toy,it doesn’t matter about its quality of life.
EVERYONE should boycott Dr Churan’s clinic and any other vet who abuses cats this way, look for vets who adhere to their sworn oath and EDUCATE about declawing instead of eagerly trying to sell it like this one is.

Feb 12, 2012 It makes me mad
by: Edward

Man thats horrible.
I cant believe that vet stands there and wants people to take their kittens so she can axe their toe ends off.
Or maybe she burns them off and pretends its kinder.
Whichever way the poor things toe ends have gone forever.
It makes me mad saying if people have small children get it done well my twin and me were small children once and our parents taught us cats have claws and the right to use them if anybody hurts them.
They made sure we didnt hurt our cats until we were old enough to behave ourselves.
If anybody gets their cats toes axed off for their kids they shouldnt be parents as they dont do their job right.
Ours never destroyed our house neither they had scratching posts.
I dont see theres any excuse to axe a cats toe ends off ever.
Thats put me off my Sunday pint Im so upset.

Feb 12, 2012 Shame on that doctor
by: Rose

Not one word pases that doctor’s lips on declawing being a last resort!
Instead she pushes it as first resort,chop the kittens toes off and everyone will be happy.
Everyone but the kitten of course but she doesn’t care about that.
She’s quick to say it’s a win win all round.
WHAT? You ARE joking of course!
It’s no win win for the kitten but lose lose lose.
Lose the pleasure and necessity of her claws which cats need to live a fulfilled life.
Lose the grab and kick games kittens love to play.
Lose their defence against abusive kids or dogs in the family.
Lose the freedom to go out and enjoy God’s fresh air and grass because of being defenceless against whole animals out there.
Doctors like that one obviously don’t care what the cat loses as long as they don’t lose the dollars rolling in from declawing,the cruellest operation they can do to a cat!
The AVMA stand by and let this happen.

Feb 12, 2012 Sickening!
by: Adrian Andrews

I am sickened that a so called, caring professional, advocates such a nasty treatment of defenceless animals. There is a very good reason that this practice is illegal in nearly every other country in the world, it is inhumane and leads to many years of suffering.

Feb 12, 2012 Disgrace to the female gender!
by: Barbara

This person is almost a farce, everything that we despise about vets who promote declawing, stupid dangerous and ignorant logic, utter self confidence & righteousness,belief of her own importance and sheer pimping for lucrative trade is here in this “homely” and easily hateable person. You’d almost think she’d made this video especially for use by the anti-declawing campaign! My blood runs cold to think that she is in charge of a clinic, has say over their way of working and influence over guillable cat carers, with veterinarians or “doctors” such as this at liberty to ply their despicable services declawing is never going to be banned! It turned my stomach!

Barbara avatar

Feb 12, 2012 Oath breaking woman
by: Ruth

Thank you Michael for exposing this woman who trained to help animals but who breaks her oath to cause no animal to suffer.
Not only does she do that but she advertises to do it to kittens as young as she can get her hands on ! She makes it sounds a good thing to do, like neutering is.
How come cats in the 39 countries where declawing is banned don’t destroy the house I wonder ?
She says naturally cats scratch but does she then go on to explain it’s necessary not bad behaviour in a cat and that it’s easy to teach a kitten to use a scratching post ? No she does not, she goes on to say it’s best their toe ends are amputated to stop that natural behaviour.
She makes the depriving kittens of their rightful and necessary claws, sound like a minor op instead of major surgery affecting their quality of life for their lifetime.
This video is on facebook too on the AVMA page where they and we anti declaws are clashing.
In one comment they say
‘Whether you agree with the statement or not, there are situations where declawing may be the only option. Without being in their personal situation, it’s unfair of anyone to pass judgment on those who’ve exhausted all of the options and find it the only way to keep their pet. Education is key, and pain control is absolutely necessary’

Hello AVMA ….this woman doesn’t recommend exhausting all the options, no she says cut out the time and patience your cat deserves and go straight for the money making surgery she loves to perform on innocent helpless kittens.

What are the AVMA for ????? They certainly don’t care that people like that woman go totally against their policy.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

4 thoughts on “Homely Dr Churan Advocates Automatic Declawing”

  1. This so-called vet needs to be drawn and quartered. Nah, let’s just hog tie her and cut her fingertips off and see how she likes it. I’m glad my vet does not do declaws, and never has. He’s been practicing for over 40 years.

  2. Why hasn’t this quack lost her license yet? I worked for her in 1990. She’s declawed cats when the owner didn’t request it. Worse, she has untrained staff doing injections and anasthesia. I got told I was f-ing stupid because I didn’t know how to turn the valves on the oxygen and gas. She kicks dogs in the ribs and hits them in the face with leashes if they’re scared or fighting back. She even put a catheter in a male cat and stitched it to the cat’s skin without any kind of anasthetic. We were ordered to cut dog’s claws very short until they bled, which I refused to do. I didn’t work there long.

    I reported her multiple times and nothing was done- animal cruelty laws were more lax then. I’ve warned people about taking their pets there. Hopefully they helped spread the word.

    • Good for you for bravely speaking out Bella, I hope this cruel excuse for a vet has been punished and struck off the register by now!
      If not, then I wish her the most horrible and painful Karma ever.


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