Homemade Cat Litter Tray for Pakistanis Living in Pakistan

“IGNORANCE is actually DARKNESS.” (Mohemmud S.A.W.)

Intro: There is a need for a greater use of cat litter trays in Pakistan to avoid house cats defecating outside to the annoyance of neighbors. Ahsan ul Haq living in Pakistan describes how to make your own cat litter tray (Michael – admin)

Pakistan - homemade litter tray
Pakistan – homemade litter tray
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In 2006, when I decided to take care of free roaming cats in my area, I had no knowledge about these fellows to whom people here consider the worst and dirty animals.

I was only the person, who was feeding them, let them drink milk and gave them a place for relaxing. But soon my wife cried out. She was aggressive toward me. Not because she hates cats but because cats eliminated their feces every where in our terrace. I was standing right on a cat’s stock of elimination and my shoe was covered with that stuff. That smelled HELL. My wife said, “Do something, I can not tolerate this!” I began to think.

Another day, my neighbor, an old woman, who used to throw stones at cats, complained to me about the same. I said to myself, UNKY DONKEY! This is an issue and it can be dangerous not only for cats but also for me. But still I was in the darkness. And then I understood the real meaning of the Qur’anic verse and saying of my prophet Mohemmud S.A.W that Ignorance is really a DARKNESS. And let me confess that I was an ignorant fellow then.


My wife suggested me to buy a pet cat from an authentic cat handler with the following conditions:

  1. It should be a trained cat.
  2. It should be a descent perfumed cat.
  3. It should have a lot of hairs on it.
  4. It must be a very low appetite cat.
  5. It must sit down, when asked to her.
  6. It must sleep when laid to the bed.
  7. It must never scratch or MEOW unwontedly.
  8. It must be so honest that when we order her to GET OUT FROM THE HOME, she will reply YES SIRE! And just walk out like an obedient soldier. Okay… stand at ease… now, GOOOoooo…Left Right… Left Right, Got a loose PAJAMA, Got a cap tight, Left Right…Left Right 😀
  9. If we shall pet her, she will smile that our heart filled with her love.
  10. Otherwise ??????????

“I did not know any such cat in the world. AAaaah! Wish I was born with HITLER. Perhaps, he should have such a cat. A circus cat? Well! I think, its me who have to be converted from human to cat now. Ahhhh… but I can not tolerate a stone on me, can I?”

I asked my wife who said then, “Do something. It’s me or the cat in this house now.”

“Sweet heart, I was in the west! And I think, sure they do agree with it, too. (If I am not wrong) What is the difference between a sweet woman and a cat?” She laughed and said, “Stop your jokes, and think seriously, pleaaaaasseee.”

I started to think. I surfed the internet and there was the solution, I was looking for. YEEEAAaaaah! Got it and now let me check it out with my tiny friends (FERALS).

What is a LITTERBOX?

A litter box is just a comfortable box in which the cat or a kitten delivers its waste. Likewise we human go to toilet for the same purpose. The cats are very sensitive creatures of Allah Subhanahu and they are willing to keep them clean and neat. Though, they are animals but the most clean and neat of their kind. They don’t want any dirty waste to hang on their body, they are self groomed and they hate to be dirty.

By providing a litter box to them, you make different kinds of welfare not only to them but also for the humanity. You have often observed in Pakistan, when you walk in the market or somewhere in the gardens, you smell a feces alike air and this is only because those feral animals (free roaming animals whether they are cats, dogs, wild boars, rats etc.) have to eliminate some where. And they eliminate every where. Sure they have a full right to do so. How can we stop them not to act naturally? No we can not. But in a responsibility point of view, every Pakistani can stop the increasing bad smell by performing/ understanding the humane duty. By placing a litter box in a safe place within the open area of the house i.e. corner of your terrace, lawn, small garden, car parking with in the house where any cat can possibly walk through.

This will not only make the space where the human population is living a better place to live with fresh air but also decrease the health problems of the population. Specially breathing problems.

The following tips shows, how to buy/ make a simple litter box for cats and kittens.

Step one:


Buy a fine plastic tub from market. It will cost you from $1 to $3 means Rs. 100/ 300. I have bought the luxury litter box mentioned in the photo (a) above. Make sure it is cleaned and neat. Make sure it is dry.

Step two:

It should be at least 30cm x 30cm, so that the cat or kitten may sit in it comfortably. Neither it should be so small nor so much big and deep. As you can see in the pictures above. Photo (b) and photo (c).

b c

Step three:

Now, Cut the newspaper in small pieces. Let these pieces not be so small that any cat tries to inhale them, let them be in long shapes as mentioned in these pictures. Photo (d) above and photo (e) below.

d e

Step four:

Keep making pieces of the newspaper until enough stock has been gathered in the litter box that only one inch height is filled with the newspaper shredded pieces. As mentioned in the photo (f) below.


And now, when there are enough paper in the litter box, spread it with your hand so that the cats can have a scratching sensation. As mentioned in the photo (g) below.


Here you are. The litter box of a cat n kitten is ready J

Maintenance of a litter box:

  • Few tips must be followed after wards when you complete making the litter box.
  • Cats are clean animals, They hate dirt, feces, or areas covered with wastes. They are very clean animals in their nature but it is us (human beings) who have forced them to be dirty, careless, smelly.
  • Please change your attitude, so that we can change the whole atmosphere where we are living.
  • Clean the litter box every 12 hours. Because the cats do not use a dirty litter box.
  • The dirty litter box will make them dirty and this is a fact that a cat will never compromise upon her grooming. She will become ill and this can cause human population a threat.
  • It is my beautiful experience that a Feral cat is much clever and intelligent than a house pet cat. She can keep herself much better than a house cat. So please don’t make feral cats wild intentionally. Don’t stop their welfare. Or otherwise it will be the same as any child who is intentionally kept out from every necessity becomes a criminal i.e. robber, thief, murderer or any kind of criminal. Basically it is the duty of every one of us to let them live as we want to live with peace and happiness.
  • When cleaning the litter box, cover your nose and mouth with a cloth or just use a medical mask costing $0.01 i.e. Rs. 5 or Rs.10. wear plastic gloves and through the feces in a plastic shopper bag.

I am in hope that one day my countrymen will understand the meaning of a clean and neat atmosphere/ air. They will understand how we can make a best Pakistan starting with our surroundings. We can understand how it is important to create something for the welfare of humanity and animals rather than to keep a thought of destruction or negligence.

One day, perhaps! I will see my country the best to be known towards the welfare aspects of cats and human being…. Perhaps! Who knows a dream can come true one day… who knows ???

Ahsan ul Haq

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  1. Hi, great article and it’s great that you care for living creatures.. I use shredded paper for my kitten as well and turns how it works pretty well 🙂 Greetings from Mauritius Island


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