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Homemade Cat Litter Tray for Pakistanis Living in Pakistan — 15 Comments

  1. Hi, great article and it’s great that you care for living creatures.. I use shredded paper for my kitten as well and turns how it works pretty well 🙂 Greetings from Mauritius Island

  2. hi i want to share my experience here, around 1 month ago i found a baby kitten in my air cooler … which was almost 8 days old.. now he is around 6 weeks old… i am keeping him in my home but cant let him walk in all my home due to some reasons.. but he is a gem … he knows my voice and smells me but the problem is, he i s still having milk in feeder… i tried to give him in bowl but he just waste it by throwing the bowl.. am worried.. i used to clean him 3 times like a baby .. washes his dirty rugs and put new ones.. and now am worried because he has start acting like a human baby!!!

  3. Resourceful and sensible. I’d love to know how many cat owners use litter trays in Pakistan. Can you estimate?

    I suppose there are no full-time indoor cats in Pakistan and therefore cat owners let their cats go to the toilet outside.

    I hope some visitors from Pakistan take up your suggestion of creating a homemade litter tray.

    Thanks a lot for creating this page.

    • Michael! if it is about home pet cats, like Persian cats and kitten (popular cats of Pakistani homes), the owners have their litter boxes or they prefer in toilets (Not outside).

      My article is the basic focus on FERAL CATS of Pakistan and their welfare. Home cats are in luxury state but Ferals are not even considered to be a pet animal. Very very rare like my stories, maybe an other person in Pakistan. But black cats are held in big prison (cage) with very care for the BLACK MAGIC, specially in SINDH PROVINCE.

  4. Ahsan I love your articles, you should write a book! I’ve never known anyone self taught have as much knowledge and good sense as you have about cats.
    It makes me angry when people call cats dirty, there is no species more dirty (or judgemental) than humans.
    Home made litter trays or washing up bowls are a good idea, cats don’t mind what receptacle they use as long as it’s big enough and kept clean.

    • Thank you Ruth <3

      I am actually fan of your writings.
      I also want to share my experience about sand.

      1. Sand is the basic carrier of WORMS, INSECTS and illness of any kind (it could be any kind of sickness).

      2. Soft mud (seen here in Pakistan) is the same as sand.

      3. Some times, I saw cats feces on wet mud. I touched the mud. It was hard but very cold. I concluded that in hot weather countries like Pakistan, some of the cats love to defecate in wet mud but it is dangerous for cats and us, too. Because wet mud is the world of CENTIPEDES and well camouflage SNAKES.

      This is all my practical experiences. Litter box is a western idea but due to unavailability of such professional boxes, I have to become MAC GYVER. This is what my wife and daughters call me sometimes 😀


      I start thinking deeply about the simple solution of the things because I have not enough resources but I have a heart that can step ahead for the welfare of humanity and cats.

      Thank you Ruth and God bless you and your family alongwith cats and kittens, ameen.

      • Thank you Ahsan, like you I love writing about cats and care deeply about their welfare.
        I find it very interesting reading about the cats and conditions in your country, snakes and centipedes in the mud sound very frightening and your litter tray solution was a real brainwave.
        Yes sometimes we can over think problems when there is a simple solution, you are blessed with a fine mind as well as compassion and kindness and I admire you very much x

      • Ahsan, I was going to suggest using garden soil (baked on a metal tray in an oven to kill bacteria)as an alternative litter substrate, but then I read about the centipedes and snakes 🙁

        When I lived in Cyprus every summer the shops would run out of commercial litter for several weeks at a time. Sometimes I had to resort to using sand from the beach as a substitute for my cats.

  5. It should be pretty easy to find washing up bowls but rectangular in shape with almost vertical sides about 15 cm high, measuring 45 cm x 50 or 60 cm. They are available here in many stores and supermarkets. They are superior to the usual litter boxes which usually have sides which are too low, expensive, and fragile. .I am still trying to understand the mentality of those English ladies who told me I can’t use a washing up bowl for a litter box (even if it is rectangular). I didn’t tell the cats that.. They think it’s perfect and the sand doesn’t go flying all over the floor.

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