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  1. I must have missed this article first time round, as I’ve just seen it now new comments have come on.
    Honey and Barney are both so beautiful, I don’t know how anyone could have parted with Honey, I’m so glad you rescued her Wendy and that both your cats get along happily together.

  2. I can’t believe after all these years I can still see my babies pictures! Thanks Michael! The vet recently told me that she thinks Honey is part Maine Coon

    • Hi Wendy, yes we are still here! They are lovely cats and they are good photos too. Honey does have a hint of Maine Coon, I agree. They will be on the site as long as the site exists, which will be as long as I live, which is in the hands of the almighty as I am nearly 65 😉

      • How are you Michael? It has been so long! Honey is is with my however sadly I had to put Barney down a few years ago. He had chronic kidney disease. It was so sad for me but he had no quality of life and was terminally ill. I did the humane thing and the right thing for both of us. I have been quite sure for a long time now that Honey has a lot of Maine Coon in her. She is just a love….head butts, licks, knibbles, purring and all! Sits and gives her paw too for treats. 🙂 How have you been?

        • Nice to hear from you Wendy. Yes, time flies but the website is still going! Not sure how mind you 😉 – Sorry to hear about Barney. I am sure that you did the right thing. It is certainly very possible that Honey had Maine Coon in her. I hope you are well.

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