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  1. I know the odds are extremely slim, but yet I hold out hope. I have one of the last Honey Bears from the breeder in WV. (She no longer breeds bc she worked with the breeder in OR that disappeared and got stuck with no studs.) Such a sad story. Anyway, my honey bear is my fluffy love.

    • Hi Ali, thanks for commenting. Honestly I don’t think we are going to find this Arizona Honeybear breeder. This really is a fringe cat breed if it is a breed of cat at all. Sorry. Good luck.

  2. I lost my cat Heavy last year we got him at a shelter they dint know what breed he was so we just assumed it was some sort of pursion or a mix we only found out after he died of kidney failure 🙁 he was gray & white and loved being picked up though he was fat and very heavy hence the name Heavy.

    • Heavy was probably a random bred cat meaning not a purebred member of a cat breed but that is good. Random bred cats are wonderful and generally considered to be more healthy than pedigree cats. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Why doesn’t someone drive to the starz cattery LOLabd ask them! I know there is a phone number not sure it works.. Do you want to try to call it? Is strange they don’t even give info like we will never sell again or we are working on the breed..


  4. Why don’t the breeders say they are no longer selling and why? Those cats are beautiful even if they can’t be accepted as a breed!! When you email precious breeders the emails cannot be delivered either!!

    • I agree that these cats are beautiful and the breed could well be more successful.

      New breeds have come to a standstill. I think the cat breed market is saturated.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hi I have a pure breed honey bear and I adore him. He is about 7 now, I got him from one of the very few breeders in oregon…however now I don’t see any being bred, or at least not any being sol sold. I was curious because my 6 year old ask me if I would buy her one when she was grown up, lol I can send you a photo if you like as well his is one of the really beautiful ones. I can attest to the fact though that they sure as hell do shed, I vacuum everyday : / BUT he does not matte and I am lazy with brushing him so that is indeed true. Also he does not bother my allergies or other people who are normally allergic to cats, his fur is very fluffy and soft. He follows me around all day, does not like when I am away because he is very attached to me, he will practically trip me when I walk through the door, however they are VERY weary of strangers, not so much women, he will take to another woman right away, but a man that he is not WELL familiar with, he will run and hide and not come out until the person leaves. He also seems to be a big hypersensitive. I heard that along with the creator Ann, which I do believe created the breed, who died, this breed died out along with her. I do hope that someone is still breeding them but just not selling. Mine is fixed so there is nothing I can do about it. His official papers say he is a ragdolll, since there is no official honeybear breed, the closest thing is that. I don’t know if the skunk thing is true, although when he is scared he does scurry away like one it’s pretty funny to watch…he looks to me like a rogdoll maincoon bread with a white persian. The only issue is that they are prone to urine crystals which cause blockage, we had problems for years until I started feeding him ONLY grain free cat food and have had no problems since. : )

  6. Randi has it exactly right. We just lost what we were told was a honeybear cat today. He was magnificently beautiful and so loving. There used to be a lady in Arizona that bred these cats – she is the one that told me our cat was likely one after I sent her a photo of him. They were very pricey to purchase – but ours was found, ironically as a stray. Neutered,declawed and beautifully groomed when he showed up on our doorstep. We posted signs and ads in the paper, but no came forward to claim him, so we happily kept him as part of our family for the past 15 years. His passing has left a huge whole in our hearts and I hit the internet tonight to see if we could possibly find another honeybear kitten. I am not having much luck locating the breeder I spoke with so many years ago. She told me the story of their beginning much like what Randi said that they were bred at a university in California and part of a government experiment. Whomever the creator they produced a most unique and beautiful cat.

    • Darci

      I had a honeybearcat male called Jasper in Bellevue ne. We were moving and he escaped in 1996. I looked all over and was just heartsick. He belonged to my daughter and she cried for days on end. We were leaving that night with the I haul and had told neighbors etc. I called the police and shelter. I called the shelter for many days. I would love to know if you found jasper in this area. Omaha Bellevue. Etc. we had prayed that he was in the couch etc when we opened the I haul but no such luck. We moved to South Dakota from Nebraska. He was large, chubby, male, neutered, declawed, and silver. His father, Igmo, (med hair tiger)was directly from Ann Baker and his mother Nicole (beautiful light silver) was from Jeannie Jones.

      If you could let me know about where you found him I would so appreciate it. I had always hoped that he had been found somewhere where he was greatly loved if we could not find him. He would have been born March. 1995.


      • Oh Julie, your comment is hard to read because of the heartache in it. A heartbreaking comment. Jasper escaped in 1996, born 1995. I admire you for writing the comment. I wish you all the luck in the world to find him. Tell me a bit more and I’ll do an article about Jasper, which will be seen by more people. I want you and your daughter to see him again.

        Do you have a picture of him? If you do please use the button below this comment to upload it.

  7. There really is a breed called the Honeybear Cat. They are a very beautiful cat. Persian face with light gray and white coats. I know this, because I used to own one. Their coats are smooth, soft and silky and non matting, although they do shed terribly. Their toiletry habbits are very smelly like that of a skunk. They are indeed a loyal, loving cat that is very plyful and curious. I hope this helps your question of existance. as far as Anne Baker, to my knowledge….No she did not creat this cat. I heard it was a government experiment.

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