by Ann
(Upstate NY)

Do you have any information as to what became of Ann Baker’s Honeybears? If you think she walked the edge with the Ragdoll story, she surely fell over it, claiming that the Honeybears contained skunk DNA!!

Regardless of their genetic heritage, they are wonderful cats. My old boy is 16 and is sweeter than anything. Practically no aggression towards my other cats – unless they really push him. Very dignified, but can be out and out silly as well. I am HIS person. He tolerates the rest of the family, but as far as he is concerned, no one else has any reason to exist.

Sad thing is that his health is failing. With one kidney full of stones, blood in his urine and serious loss of appetite, we don’t expect he will survive much more, especially when you add to that his increasing desire to “think out the box.” He is ruining carpet in our home faster than we can maintain it, and nothing stops it.

We have had a great deal of veterinary care for him. It pains me so to think I can’t find another. although the Ragamuffins look more like the Honeybears. I also have a Ragdoll.
I love my old baby. Wish I had a dozen more like him.


Hi Ann…. thanks for visiting and discussing Honeybears, which to people who don’t know are cats! I guess you guessed that.

Fairly recently I wrote a brief article about the Honeybear cat and I am sure I know less than you because there is very little on the internet and nothing in the books that I have and they are good reference books. See it here: Honeybear cat.

Prevention is the best medicine for your pet's health.

You have a Honeybear cat companion..Wow..please would you mind uploading a photograph.

If you have a photograph just upload it using the same form you used to upload your article.

If you haven’t got a photo..get a camera! Sorry just joking but I think it would the first photograph of a Honeybear cat on the internet..

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