Honeymoon woman in tears after being prevented from seeing celebrity cat

Paula and Felix

Paula and Felix

Paula Rowling from Haverhill was on honeymoon in Scarborough, UK. She wanted to see Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat. It meant a 300 mile round trip. She had left a note on Felix’s Facebook page where, incidentally, she has 63,000 Likes, to say she’d visit. Felix is a UK celebrity cat and pest controller.

She is the Senior Pest Controller for TransPennine Express at Huddersfield Railway Station in West Yorkshire, UK. I am a bit puzzled. I thought that the name “Felix” was a male name but perhaps I am wrong.

Felix seems to be the UK’s version of the famous stationmaster cat in Japan. Anyway Paula broke down in tears and was distraught when she finally arrived at Huddersfield railway station only to be told that Felix was asleep and that she could not see her.

She said:

“I told them on Felix’s Facebook page I was coming, but when I got there they said they didn’t know where she was. I went to the enquiries desk and they told me she was asleep. I said I’d come all this way on my honeymoon and I just wanted to see the. I was in tears…”

One reason why Paula was particularly distraught was because she had recently lost her own cat, Molly.

Paula left a note on Felix’s Facebook page explaining what had happened. She told them that she had been distraught saying that she understood that Felix is a cat but they just didn’t seem to care. Uhmm…That seems to be bad public relations to me to come from the management of a celebrity cat who can only be a celebrity because people like Paula wants her to be a celebrity.

The response on Felix’s Facebook page was to say that there were just trying to keep the trains running by which I suppose they mean that they were too busy to let her see Felix — not a very good excuse, really.

Perhaps visitors will now think twice about making the journey to Huddersfield Railway Station in case they are unable to see Felix. Paula will not make another attempt to see her. I suppose this is because the station is too far away from Scarborough and for the future she lives in the south of England and Huddersfield is in the North.

Trans Pennine express who run Huddersfield Station said:

“Huddersfield is a working station, and as such our staff have a responsibility to make sure everything runs safely and smoothly, which means that they cannot always make Felix available on request.”

They apologised to Paula. Shame. It is nice though to read about a woman who really was interested in seeing a celebrity cat and taken in by the concept of cat celebrity when the cat is actually a working cat at a railway station which I think is much better than celebrity cats who are simply famous because of their strange appearance.

Source: Haverhill newlywed’s honeymoon ends in tears after celebrity cat visit | Cambridge News

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Honeymoon woman in tears after being prevented from seeing celebrity cat — 2 Comments

  1. I’m very sorry for Paula. But, posting a visit on Facebook is like f-rting in the wind. The most appropriate thing for her to have done would have been to contact the caretakers of Felix, directly, to set an appointment.
    If I wanted to have a day alone, with just my family at the Magic Kingdom, would I post that request on Facebook?

    I applaud that Huddersfield apologized to her; but, they didn’t need to. She was an idiot.

  2. To be fair the cat is famous for being a working cat not for being available for selfies. Imagine the disruption at the station and the employees if they had to make the cat available on demand.

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