Hong Kong bookstore is a cat shelter

Bookstore cats Hong Kong are rehomed
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Bookstore cats in Hong Kong are rehomed

This is a combined book store (Sam Kee) and cat shelter for homeless cats owned by Caroline Chan. Is this a unique combination? It think it probably is. Book shops and cats go very well together. There is no problem integrating the cats with the store. They look at home and good. Except their number is fairly high which makes the cats very noticeable. The Sam Kee cats are both rescue cats and working cats, a unique combination as well.

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There is no impression that the cats affect trade negatively – probably the opposite. Surely some customers might be displeased at the cats because they are allergic to them? It seems not to be the case which is great. There are usually forty rescue cats at the store and 800 have been rehomed over the years. Awesome.

There is a good argument that many more books stores, libraries, workplaces and general stores could have resident cats. I have never read about problems with cats at workplaces only good things. Business people are perhaps too reluctant to try it out because it is new and they fear losing trade. In my reading of stories about cats in stores the outcome has always been positive.

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2 Responses

  1. Frances A Danna says:

    Very encouraging story Michael. In many ways Hong Kong is ahead of mainland China, due to their earlier years of western influences. ???☮️????️

  2. Mary Dellenbusch says:

    Let’s just hope the adopters are carefully screened and triple checked!! This country is number one for butchering and torturing cats in plain view of all for food and their fur for trinkets in the USA and all over to other countries! Many are stolen pets and strays!

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