Hooligans direct fireworks at police car outside animal hospital frightening the animals

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): As an insider I can see a gradual breakdown in society in the UK. People disrespect the country’s institutions including the police. The police have lost the respect of the people as have the politicians and the elite generally. It feels like we are heading for a slow burning revolution. Anyway that’s not the point right now because one of the country’s best-known animal hospitals is Harmsworth Memorial Animal Hospital in Holloway, London N7. And it is reported that on November 5, which in the UK is called Bonfire Night, hooligans were directing fireworks at a police car not that far from the hospital which terrified the animals inside.

Fireworks set off outside Harmsworth Animal Hospital in North London
Fireworks set off outside Harmsworth Animal Hospital in North London. It territied the animal patients inside. Photo: screenshot from video.
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There was a complete disregard for animal welfare. This is typical of Britain today. Although it is particularly bad if hooligans are chucking fireworks at police cars outside an animal hospital, on a lesser scale it happens all across Britain when, in neighbourhoods, people set off fireworks for their pleasure while they selfishly terrify hundreds of companion animals.

The Twitter post below summarises the story. The hospital is run by the RSPCA and one of the workers inside is heard to say in the video, “Just think of all the animals, you utter b**s!” I completely sympathise and understand and I would feel exactly the same way.

Please remember that sometimes videos such as this one stop working in time due to matters out of my control and if that has happened I apologise.

Eventually the police car backed off because of a second wave of fireworks directed at their vehicle. You can see a rocket whizz down the street over the police car and by the hospital. The Express newspaper reports that one of the fireworks exploded just feet away from the RSPCA workers who were watching from inside the building. Another worker thought it looked like a war zone.

Apparently there are other cities suffering the same obnoxious behaviour by hooligans setting off rockets at each other in some sort of game or dispute. Like many other people, I am all in favour of heavily restricting the sale of fireworks. When the pandemic is over the government should enact legislation which bans firework displays across the country except in designated public displays on one night of the year. And that firework display should satisfy everybody be they Indians who want to celebrate Diwali or Anglo-Saxons if they want to celebrate both Bonfire Night or Halloween. Please stop this selfish behaviour.

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