Horrendous must see photo of cat claw regrowth after declawing

You read about cat claw regrowth quite a lot if you are passionate about fighting declawing as I am. Here is an excellent and frankly gruesome example published by Dr Rachel Fuentes on her Facebook page.

Please share this page in the interests of cat welfare. Thanks.

An example of cat claw regrowth after declawing. Photo: Dr. Rachel Fuentes. Many thanks.

This cat’s forepaws were declawed 12 years ago including the dewclaw which is on the side of the foreleg a little way away from the cat’s four toes.

Dr Fuentes says that a small amount of viable tissue was left behind during the declaw operation. This, apparently, is not uncommon.

The dewclaw regrew under the skin. The doctor says that it was not noticed by the cat’s owner which seems barely believable judging by the photo taken before the doctor operated on it. It could not be more visible.

Anyway she removed the ‘offending nail’. You can see how it formed a huge spiral of nail under the skin, forcing its way through the skin as it enlarged.

The doctor correctly comments:

“The downsides [of declawing] far outweigh the benefit for this procedure….”

I would add that the only so called benefits befall the cat’s owner and for the cat it is all downside, bigtime downside.

Please don’t declaw your cat. Insist that your vet explains everything about it including what it actually entails, the pain (sometimes permanent), undesirable consequences and possible complications. If your vet won’t discuss it properly change vets. And please read up about declawing first.

Link to the doctor’s FB page.

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