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Horrible video showing cat cruelty goes viral after cat is beaten for “ruining curtains” — 14 Comments

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  2. I’ve heard it through the grapevine she has other pets in the home. I hope she’s arrested and the other pets removed ASAP.

    • I pray that they do not suffer a similar fate to the kitten, although I’m sure they have suffered to some extent. Are there any significant laws in Russia regarding animal rights? Or abuse of animals?

  3. It should be legal to hunt this bitch down and murder her!!!! I would gladly volunteer for the job! I’d unleash a hell on her that make Satan look like sweet bunny rabbit.

  4. I’ve seen enough in real life to last several. Animal abusers belong in prison where they cannot harm more animals or move on to human crimes.
    As a world we need to acknowledge there are those among us that should never walk free and the hell with their rights it’s time to protect the normal human beings from this segment of the human race.

    • To this poor cat it’s pretty real life… I have also seen enough in real life many of us have and it doesn’t get easier. Problem with scum who do this and film we can’t help the animal/s. Who is this mole and where is kitten now this is what we need to know.

  5. I, too, did not watch the video. There is nothing bad enough that could happen to this woman, and others who torture animals as she apparently did.

  6. I cannot watch the video. I hope that the subhuman who committed this act of cruelty gets what is due. Karma has no deadline. I hope I understand correctly that this poor kitten was rescued. 😱😢

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