Horrible video showing cat cruelty goes viral after cat is beaten for “ruining curtains”

A horrible act of cat cruelty was recently caught on video and shows a cat being beaten and tortured after ruining curtains. Before I begin I’d like to put an EXTREME caution warning on this article. Especially if you decide to watch the video showing the abuse.

Abuser biting her cats tail (screenshot from video)
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Voice for the Voiceless posted on Instagram

“This trash said that the reason why she hurt the kitten was because the kitten ruined her $25,000 curtains…I can care less about material bullshit things, you never hurt any living being like that! That’s not an excuse. And she also said she couldn’t control herself because she was under influence….bitch doesn’t look sorry or guilty at all! She’s one of the people who contributes to a lot of death..just look at what she’s wearing!!!! She is a psycho and needs fucking mental help! Please reach out to @ditally to say thank you for rescuing the kitten.”

Most of the comments are in Russian, as the abuser apparently lives in Moscow (please correct me if I’m wrong). Animal welfare advocate Athina Oettinger posted the video on her Facebook page asking that her friends report this monster. I don’t have a name so if anyone has any further information, please leave it in the Facebook comment section below.

Abuser slapping her cat (screenshot from video)

The video is very GRAPHIC and can be found here. I strongly caution anyone easily upset or angered not to watch it and just view the screenshots I’ve posted with this article.

I believe the person who filmed the video should also be charged with animal cruelty. Let them both rot in jail where they belong.

Update: Animal activists who rescued Thomas (the kitten) described the abuser as aggressive and violent. Eldar one of the animal advocates said:

“We had a good talk with her. Her aunt brought the kitten to the door, it was screaming. Svetlana wanted to come with us to a vet hospital, but we did not let her…She was threatening to kill everyone, swearing,”

The kitten has been examined and suffered from concussion and multiple hematomas. He has a huge bruise on his belly. He is being rehomed once he leaves hospital.

The abuser could be prosecuted and if convicted could face a year’s community service.

Source: newsline.com

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P.S. Apparently the woman has the name Svetlana Daraselia (a nickname or username apparently) on the Russian social network VK (her video page is now empty with the warnings ‘error’ and ‘access denied’). She claims she was high on drugs and drink when she tortured her 4 month old cat whose name is Thomas.

P.P.S. Below is the translation from Russian of the text below the video using Google Translate:

Please help me find this monster! RP @zoopravo

This is Moscow!!!! Will we survive until the moment when law enforcement bodies independently react without our appeals ?! She was filmed today by the TV station, the plot will be released, we will prepare and fill in the website with instructions and statements! Under Art. 245 is suitable. Lives in Moscow.

Please, as long as she does not block the page, if you find videos calling for extremism, national strife, insulting the feelings of believers, save this material and send us to the headquarters for a more complete application. Page in Vk https://vk.com/video370095092_456240246 nickname Svetlana Daraselia

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