Commercaially manufactured cat food infested with flies

Commercaially manufactured cat food infested with flies. Photo: Sally Higgins.

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Sally Higgins bought a standard box of wet cat food pouches from a local supermarket in Bingham, Notts. It was all very normal but when she got home she noticed flies swarming around her shopping. She then saw a hole in the wet cat food box and on further inspection saw a swarm of flies inside the box. This was highly unusual obviously. I suspect that a fly laid eggs on the wet cat food before it was put into pouches and into the box. The eggs hatched into larvae and the larvae became pupae and then to flies during the several days that the food was in transit. She was offered a maximum £30 compensation from I believe the manufacturer although that isn’t clear from the story. She turned down the offer. I don’t know what the outcome is. The manufacturer is Vitacat. I don’t use this brand. Photo: Sally Higgins.