Houdini cat unlocks cage door from inside

Houdini cat unlocks cage door from inside
Houdini cat unlocks cage door from inside
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Haikou City, Hainan Province, South East China: This cat acted like a human in putting her paw through the bars, lifting the latch to the door locking mechanism and then pushing the door open.

The cat looks like a blue British Shorthair, a classic purebred cat and one of the long established cat breeds. Asian like the old cat breeds. The Persian is also popular.

I have no idea why she or he is in a cage but she sure as hell is damn clever in getting out; putting her left paw through the bars and lifting the latch. She then spots that she is being filmed and promptly slams the door shut. Cool. She’s probably left handed by the way. I believe that more than 50% of domestic cats are left-handed.

I’ll guess and say that this smart cat learned the trick through observational training by which I mean self-training. She would have watched people doing it often and copied them. That’s the most likely reason.

I am presenting two versions of the same video in case one of them stops working as often happens.

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