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Hours After Being Adopted Rescue Cat Acts Heroically Twice — 7 Comments

  1. Pudding is a very clever and very handsome cat and I’m glad he is getting recognised for his life saving deed!
    Cat haters should take note that cats are far more intelligent than some humans are and it’s time they stopped trying to demean and abusing our wonderful feline friends.

    • Absolutely, well said Ruth. I like to publish a good cat story from time to time because unfortunately most of the online press discuss topics that can be quite depressing sometimes.

  2. Shoot, I thought someone else wrote this, M.

    You did lol a “shit ass job of adding that halo,” Thanks, good job, M. rofl

  3. I read about this too a little while ago – it’s the second instance of a cat saving a diabetic I have read about in the last year or so.

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