House Plants Safe For Cats

House plants safe for cats is the opposite to house plants toxic to cats, obviously. I have built a page about plants poisonous to cats in general. Today, 17th Nov. 2010, I thought that it would be easier for visitors if I simply listed a short selection of popular house plants that we know are not toxic. Taking a positive rather than negative viewpoint makes it easier for people considering buying a house plant and who keep a cat as they can simply ask for a particular plant rather than cross-checking a list of plants that aren’t suitable and which are unrecognizable. That is also why this page is heavily illustrated.

I have chosen five popular house plants safe for cats to simplify matters for those of us who are not that au fait with plants or gardening:

Baby Rubber Plant – Peperomia (Peperomia obtusifolia)

Likes filtered light. Potting soil should have plenty of organic material. This plant apparently does a service – it helps remove impurities from the air. It is a natural air purifier! I think that you will find that it comes in different shades of green and variegation.

House plant safe for cats - Baby Rubber Plant
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Cast Iron Plant – (Aspidistra)

Good for low light level areas in the home. Tolerates high heat and low temperatures. It is also tolerant of those of use who forget to water it regularly! Watering should ideally take place every 8-10 days. This is a strong plant ideal for those of us who are too busy looking after their charming domestic cat.

plant safe for cats - Aspidistra Cat Iron Plant

Dwarfpalm (Collinea) – other names: Good Luck palm, Parlor palm

Another tough little plant safe for cats. It does not like drafts, however. The soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings. Medium, filtered light is preferred.

dwarf palm a plant safe for cats

Ponytail Plant – Ponytail Palm – Beaucarnea recurvata

The photo is of a young version. They hang down like a ponytail when fully grown. They are hardy so once again suitable for people who are not green fingered.

plant safe for cats - Ponytail Plant

African Violet – Saintpaulia

A popular houseplant. An indoor only houseplant that is best kept on a window sill facing east for morning light. Tip: let the water rest in the watering can for 8 hours before pouring on the plant. This lets some impurities evaporate, apparently. The African Violet is sensitive to impurities1. This plant doesn’t like extreme heat or cold – needs climate controlled environment.

Plant safe for cats - African Violet

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4 thoughts on “House Plants Safe For Cats”

  1. Thanks Michael,

    You didn’t mention Bamboo, but it’s probably not a house plant. The small “lucky Bamboo” indoor plants are toxic! I have some Bamboo growing outside that comes through the railing on my deck.

    Mitzy seems to like this better than kitty grass, so I put the grass near the bamboo leaves, so she gets both that way.

    I read that Bamboo isn’t toxic for cats to eat. She usually hacks it up a little while later, as she also does with kitty grass.

    I’ve gotten away from most indoor plants, although I do have two Ficus Bonsai that I’ve had for over 20 years. They’re up high, and Mitzy shows no interest.


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