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Housing Cooperative Dismantled Feral Cat Shelters in Authorized Colony — 5 Comments

  1. I wonder if the monsters that left cats to freeze to death were in church on Christmas celebrating the birth of their gods son ?

  2. Hoping the volunteers will pitch in & set up some makeshift shelters ASAP. Even cartons lines with blankets will help.
    It’s bitter cold in the northeast right now.

    • It’s sub-zero wind chill factor and single digits temperature-wise in the northeast right now with no end in sight. I hope they get the authorities involved as animal abuse is a felony in all 50 states and since this TNR program was authorized, that heartless manager had no business doing what she did. I read this story elsewhere and it appears that the feral caretakers went to other private properties and some owners allowed them to set up the shelters. Hopefully, they can steer the ferals to the new locations whilst they fight the good fight against this stupid woman.

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