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Houston SPCA offers $5000 reward to find person who burned cats — 18 Comments

    • Woody you’ve said it all before and you are extremely boring and all the crude disgusting things you say about us apply to YOU yourself, not to us.

  1. How much do you want to bet that that chapter of the SPCA was hurting for car-payments and new household appliance payments? They always seem to “find” a tortured cat to parade in the media for donations for themselves when they are desperate for money. That cat was going to die inhumanely in the streets anyway. What a shame if it dies where nobody could find it and they couldn’t exploit it for $thousands in donations. Better to burn it with acid and then take it to a vet as a “rescue”. And they KNOW that nobody is ever found either, so that $5K reward they get to keep, but it sure makes for good advertising! Doesn’t it.

    • Have you been tortured? I doubt it, otherwise you would have some empathy. *sshole… maybe you are an asshole. Your comment says nothing to negate that judgement.

      • Pouring acid on a pour cat is very much like setting a cat on fire. The photos that were put online that were too graphic to show were horrible. I’ve followed cases in my area where dogs were burned with chemicals. They can recover if the area burned isn’t too great. And I do believe the person who did this will slip up. People in the Houston area should listen out for someone bragging about burned kittens. The person may not mention the damage was done using acid.

        Barry, who taught you to hate the way you do. It would be sad to go through life like that. Have you always been a sociopath?

    • “Better to burn it with acid and then take it to a vet as a “rescue”. ”

      By definition, you are not only an *sshole, but also an individual who needs to seek help. Please. Do.

    • Jim, my local newspaper is compiling input for a 3 day article they will be publishing about the plight of cats.
      I have agreed to submit some of your many rantings from PoC and wanted you to know. I am entitling, “James Stevenson: The Maniacal Rants of a True Cat Killer”. It will be up to them how they are used.
      Have a nice day.

    • It’s a shame the scumbags who tortured these poor cats didn’t find out where you lived and do the same to you,you stupid dickhead.the cats didn’t deserve to be hurt but it sounds like you do,you piece of scum.

    • Well, obviously you do not care. Why don’t you take up some mindfulness training, which hopefully will teach you some compassion towards others.

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