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How 50 cats and 220 dogs drowned inside Bahamas animal shelter — 8 Comments

  1. Michael Broad writes, “I am sure that there is a sense of responsibility for the loss of the animals.” What a stupid thing to say. WHY WOULD YOU ASSUME THAT? These slovenly people couldn’t even be bothered to give the animals any kind of a chance by opening their cages!!

  2. Elizabeth Burrows, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Grand Bahamas should have gone down with the ship. She should have freed the animals and at least let them take their chances. But to ABANDON them, and then listen as their screaming and howling slowly died as they drowned frantically scrambling for air in their cages is CRIMINAL. Charges should be brought and accountability brought to bear on ALL the workers. These animals were entrusted to their care!

    • Thanks for commenting and expressing your feelings about this tragedy. I didn’t want to be too harsh in criticising but if an inquest were to be held on what went wrong, the managers would have to agree that they screwed up big time. And their poor decision making cost the lives of many dogs and cats.

  3. The staff climbed into the attic – why did they do so alone?

    It makes no sense why the staff didn’t *first* load as many of their charges, the animals, into the attic as possible, and then move the larger, stronger dogs who couldn’t fit outside of the building so they could at least have a good chance at survival by swimming and / or staying on the building roof until rescue arrived.

    Shame on them!

    • I think they coold have done a lot more in terms of evacuating the cats and dogs before the hurricane’s arrival and then if as happened they were trapped they could have released them all and got them into the attic or at least some of them although it must have been very difficult.

    • AMEN!! Load them on the roof. Or better yet, EVACUATE before the storm since these people had plenty of warning in advance! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THESE MURDERS.

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