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How a cat helped police catch a fugitive — 2 Comments

  1. Great story. I’ve read it’s believed that dogs are set apart by their ability and inclination to alert and “talk” to us this way, but I’ve seen that cats have and use it too.

    I myself am hyper-vigilant but am reminded by my cats that they are way better built for it. On one occasion, I was at a desk at the back of my house (which is also below ground level) and my cat Einstein was at my arm. I had the tv (two of them) going when suddenly he popped his head up and aimed towards the front. I went to investigate and he accompanied me, growling along the way. My house has stucco exterior and double-pane windows too… pretty sound deadening, to me. Turns out my other cat from outside had made a squeal, not just out front but across the street 2 houses down, which I had no chance of knowing about otherwise. Einstein had sub-consciously canceled out the tv’s and street noise to recognize (what to me were un-hearable though relevant) sounds that were worth investigating. He’s also “pointed” me in the direction of an empty food dish many times, like when I go into the kitchen he’ll sit and stare at it, look up at me then again at it over and over. Anything they (usually the lead cat in the house) think I should be interested in, they let me know, and when I pay them attention, they’re more likely to do it again.

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