How a false rumor on Facebook wrecked havoc with a dog groomer’s reputation

While this isn’t the typical cat or dog story, I feel it’s important enough to share because it shows the damage that can be caused to a person’s reputation via Facebook when someone doesn’t do their research before they share a post.

Owner thought groomer injured this dog
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The following post was shared more than 7,000+ times before the original poster took it down. I’m including the entire post to illustrate this is exactly how lies get started on social media. It concerns Carm’s Dog House in Cicero, New York.

According to their Facebook page, Carm’s Dog House offers pet grooming, mobile pet grooming, doggy daycare, retail pet supplies, wash & go, dog training and much more.

“PLEASE READ DO NOT SCROLL URGENT WARNING TO DOG OWNERS AND ANIMAL LOVERS. This past Saturday may 20th my mother used the services of carms Mobil dog grooming for her dog rocky who is the nicest calmest dog you will ever meet. After they were done grooming him my mother had to leave to go to her grandsons baseball game. When she returned Rocky did not get up to great her as he always does. My mom went to check him out and he could not get up. When she inspected him she found clipper burns all over his rear legs and but und underbelly. He could not even stand up he was in so much pain. She couldn’t believe it. She immediately contacted CARMS MOBIL DIG GROOMER FROM CICERO NY. OWNED BY CARMEN J.CESTA. She told them what she found and sent them pictures and video of her dog. In the emails and pics in this post you will see the emails between my mother and them. They told her they would refund her money which they did and also pay for any vet bills that would come. She took Rocky to the vet as he got worse on Monday. After examination they found he had all the clipper burns that were now infected as well as a broken femur in his rear leg. Once they revived word from my mother they would not respond to her or return her calls. Until this evening when the owner basically told her to f*** off. The only way to repair the broken leg is through surgery which obviously is a huge expense. I just want all my friends and anyone who lives there let to be aware of how this place takes care of there clients. Please I beg of you to share this with all your friends on any social media you can to save some other family from going through this tragic event. Someone like this should not be in business and should not be able to hurt someone’s family like this.”

Business owner Carmen Cesta did his own investigation and discovered surveillance footage taken outside the dog owner’s home. His business has suffered because of the accusations. More than 100 cancellations came in and his life was threatened.

The owner of the dog didn’t realize what occurred between the time the dog left Carm’s Dog House and the family arriving home to an injured dog. The dog had been let out of the house and was hit by a car. The photo below was taken only a second or two before impact. The entire video can be found here (it’s very stressful to watch).

Surveillance footage taken shows dog was hit by a vehicle

The owner issued an apology. At this time Carmen is unsure whether or not to accept.

“At this time I need to apologize for this post new information has came out that a family member let the dog out while my mother was gone and rocky was hit buy a car. We recently got video of it. I know apologies are prob not much help to the groomers at this point. My mother not I had any idea this happened. We were lied to repeatedly. At no time was this a scam it was a family hurt about there dog and did not have the truth. I apologize to all my friends and family who have been on here sticking up for us. We were not aware of this and thought that you could trust your family to tell you the truth. My mother and my family are devastated. I don’t know what to do or say right now. I can’t believe this has happened and I apologize with all my heart to carms and their family I’m sure that is no help to them at this point but would my friends please take this down and repost this apology. If I would have known the truth I would never have posted this. Anyone who knows me knows I can get emotional and make snap decisions. At no pint was this ever a scam to get money out of anyone. We didn’t go to s lawyer or do any go fund me stuff. We just wanted what we thought was right. I’m sorry.”

Carmen reached out to supporters May 25 and thanked them for sticking by them through this difficult time.

“We at Carm’s Doghouse would like to thank everyone who reached out and supported us through this. There was an overwhelming amount of people who stuck by our side! Because of you we are able to push through and come out even stronger than before. We love our customers and we wouldn’t be where we are without you!!”

Facebook has become an outlet for bashing both individuals and businesses. It doesn’t seem to matter much of the time as to whether posts are true. People are quick to hit share without checking out a libelous post. There’s a difference between sharing something that actually happened and not to just hit the share button because the option is there.

Have any of the readers had false accusations shared about them via social media? How did it impact your life or business? Please sound off in the comments and tell us your story.


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  1. Absolutely. You have to be able to back up your facts and if you publish someone’s name or business name and what you say is bad don’t be surprised if they sue you for it!


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