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How a Legacy of $125,000 to Help Fight Cat Declawing was Misused — 3 Comments

  1. This is a another good reminder to me to be extra careful regarding which organizations I leave my money to. If I want to leave, say, $50,000 to each of a number of them, how can I make sure they’ll use it wisely? Is there any transparency or oversight as to how they’ve done in the past?

    • There is always a risk the executor will screw up. No one checks up on them except the beneficiaries. Often the executor is also one of the beneficiaries. I am sure millions of dollars over centuries have been stolen by executors or the money given away unwisely! One answer is to make sure the Will is very specific and not to give discretion to the executor.

  2. This is a horrible misuse of her legacy. I will share this information far and wide, on my personal Facebook page, and my CAT Advocate page, Twitter, and any other cat sites I belong to. It’s also unfortunate that there seem to be no living relatives to question Cornell.

    I hope that other readers will share this.

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