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How bad are cat bites? — 5 Comments

  1. My baby Bengal was raised by a backyard breeder. I don’t even know if it was full Bengal or not. However, I can tell you, it was very ill and not taken care of until I paid the money for it and took it home. Before I took it into my house, I paid for all vaccinations and wormed it. Didn’t get fleas or heart worm done because they don’t live in Las Vegas. I only had kitty for 5 days and it had a massive coronary. While trying to resuscitate it, it but me very badly on my right index finger and left pinky finger. I did not go to ED until 24 hours later. Infection had already set in. On 2 very strong antibiotics and 3 different pain killers which just take the edge off. Word of advice; do not wait, go see a Doc immediately. I maybe in hospital for 3-4 weeks fighting this infection due to my diabetes…

  2. Multiple, multiple bites and scratches in my lifetime. My only visit to a clinic was to have a ring cut off of one of my fingers because swelling/inflammation was impeding the healing process. The body is a remarkable thing and, in most cases, will heal itself. Swelling and inflammation are normal reactions, as fighting WBC’s race to the site to help.
    However, there are those with poor immune systems who don’t have the ability to fight off any trauma like this.
    And, as I write this I have, yet, another case of ringworm. Why always on my butt? Irritating, but easy to treat with an antifungal ointment. It doesn’t really hasten the resolution, but it helps with the itch.

  3. Hi Michael ! Very good article!
    I myself have never suffered from a cat bite nor had any reaction to being scratched,but i have heard of people getting what is called cat scratch fever.I think it occurrs alot in children who are scrathed.

  4. I can’t count the times I have been bitten by cats and dogs. The ONLY time the bite turned bad is one I got from a “friendly” dog. Never have the cat bites turned serious, and never did I go to the doctor or hospital for a cat bite. Does that make me a cat?

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