How Big are Adult Savannah Cats?

by Shawna
(Emporia, VA USA)

I don’t currently own a Savannah, but my husband and I are thinking about adopting one. But my question is. About how big do they get when they are full grown? Weight and height?


Hi Shawna, the answer depends on whether the Savannah cat is a F1 or F5 (or in between). This is because the Savannah cat is a wild cat hybrid as I am sure you know. One parent is the Serval wild cat the other a Savannah cat. The Serval is quite a big cat. It is a medium sized wild cat. The resultant first offspring, an F1 (first fillial) is therefore bound to be bigger than the regular domestic cat. A classic case in point is F1 MAGIC in the video below. I am guessing but she looks about 25 – 30 lbs in weight and about 20″ (or a bit more) at the shoulder but this is based on what I see. I could be out on those guesstimates. The average cat is about 8 lbs.

The F2 is smaller and I filmed an F2 at the Stucki’s house (A1 Savannahs). Think larger than the average domestic cat but not hugely larger and think more rangy, taller (say 50% taller – a bit like a good sized Maine Coon, I would say). Therefore weighing 15 – 25 lbs.

The F5s will I presume be standard sized cats. They are considered domestic cats by NY state as they disallow wild cat hybrids but not F5s.

Hope this helps and if someone else can add more that would be great.

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How Big are Adult Savannah Cats?

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