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How can cats be so loving yet vicious? — 3 Comments

  1. Funny how we don’t consider songbirds to be vicious as they batter snails to eat them, haul worms from the ground, rip them to pieces alive, or trash the nests of other birds, destroying the young within. Not to mention what raptors get up to.

    Yet if a cat is seen following the same instincts of predation, humans label it vicious and hatred of the cat increases.

    Most humans now have such little clue or experience of true nature, which is bloody and raw, that resort to hysterical language and action to castigate cats to the hilt. I believe this unfair, unintelligent labelling is applied to all domesticated species. It just depends on personal preference as to which species a person ends up hating.

    To me, nothing is more rewarding than sharing my life with the most wonderful domestic cat. They are not vicious or cruel, we humans are just arrogant, cowardly and dense. We prefer this state of affairs, it brings us the illusion of power & superiority. Humans thrive on the abuse of environments and the life they contain.

  2. More humans are killed and maimed by the domestic dog than cats Micheal. I consider many dogs to be vicious by either nature or nurture and often cause horrible disfiguring injuries to family, children and though aggression when allowed to run at large.
    I do not consider my cats nature to be vicious. They are what they are and evolved as nature intended. I consider cats to be highly evolved , intelligent and empathetic pets who are capable of forming a strong bond based on mutual respect rather than bred in servitude.
    Cats are not vicious or cold blooded killers that is giving their actions human motivation. They are in my opinion the perfect companion animal.

    • I agree. The question is valid. And I think I have answered the question. I am not saying the cat is vicious. I am saying that if the domestic cat is ill-treated or in defensive mode she or he can be vicious. That must be the case because cats are predators. They bite and scratch when needs must. They have weapons.

      Yes, dogs hurt humans far more often but dogs were not on the agenda in this discussion.

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