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How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page? — 8 Comments

  1. I get ladies advertizing on Lilli’s page – they think I am a lady. I am not allowed to have Lilli’s page.

    Persoanlly I think it is our duty to supply false information to facebook.

    It’s the only power we have left and we should use it as much as possible to ensure their data is worthless in the long run.

    • Yep very true. In the early days of seting up my kitty page had alot of people had to delete some of the profiles as didnt look safe.

  2. I find this really interesting, is it a programme you have added to your computer or just for POC, do you dictate to a Word document and paste it or write directly to POC? I can vaguely remember someone we knew who had very poor eyesight having something like this on her PC which I think was built in and she had only had to enable it so maybe what you have is a more sophisticated version of that. There’s always going to be checking to do though I suppose which took more time than your original work, I wonder how your software deals with different accents and dialects.

  3. That must have taken a bit of sorting out Michael, thanks for explaining. Facebook has so many rules and regulations to wade through, there’s something new to learn about it every day almost. I can’t get over you dictating your posts – wow! Didn’t even know that was possible.

    • Thanks Barbara. Yes it took me about 45 minutes research to figure out how to put a pet page on Facebook and all the information came from websites other than Facebook! Assuming of course that I have got it right! Because I dictate articles now, the actual writing part of the work is quite quick and it took me about 20 minutes to write the article and then about 30 minutes to check it and publish it which also entails adding tags and doing other setup procedures. I also dictate comments.

  4. Yep i just made a page for my kitties under cause or community for my kitties. Good to be able to show different pics i asked the kitties permission first.

  5. Wow, very easy to understand now Michael. I’m just glad you didn’t make this a “just for kids” page. Zuckerberg should hire you to writ the rules in plain English! Just think of the money you would make! Lol

    Seriously, thanks.

    • Thanks, DW, you are very nice to me! I just hope that I’ve got it right 😉

      By the way, at the moment, everything I write I dictate into my computer using software and a microphone. This obviously affects the way I write but it certainly does speed things up.

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