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How can I avoid being scratched by my cat? — 6 Comments

  1. Anyone who gets scratched usually deserves it and what’s a scratch anyway, yes it hurts, but there are much worse hurts in life.
    I’ve been scratched many times in my career and in cat rescue, but it was never the cats fault, a cat frightened or in pain is naturally on the defensive.
    I wear my scars as a badge of honour lol

  2. Excellent article Michael. Every scratch I’ve ever had has been because I missed a cue in the cat’s behaviour, so my fault entirely.

    I wish more vets sold basic cat behaviour books in their surgery waiting rooms. I wish more parents took an active role in teaching their children how to interact with animals respectfully.

    • I missed a cue in the cat’s behaviour, so my fault entirely

      It is the same for me. Or I get careless. For instance, a couple of days ago I was carrying Charlie to his breakfast and as I put him down the paw of his right hind leg brushed my knee and scratched it. It is just little things like that. They are completely unimportant and my fault. Some people make a bit deal about a cat scratch.

  3. You do not deserve a cat, if you really want to know. Cats’ claws are sacred.

    If you love your cat, either train it through positive reinforcement, giving her/him all of the scratching posts, praise when using them, or tolerate it! because that is THEIR perogative, not yours, as an entirely diff. species who just so happens to tower over them, when they are looking to you for compassion, love and bonding. nuf said.

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