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How can we write about cats today when 132 children have been slaughtered? — 32 Comments

  1. I have been mourning the loss of so many children for months now. ISIS has been beheading and dismembering children for over a year now.And I have thought about the animals there,they do not fare well. It is much more than heartbreaking. I thought of Ashan and his family as soon as I heard and feared for them and the cats. I am pleased to see he is here and safe.Mankind is corrupt and corrupts the spiritual beliefs of others and uses it against the world. Personally,I think the US and allies should step up and put an end to these groups.In the interest of world safety and peace,they need to be squashed. It is spreading worldwide and needs to end.Sporadic bombing does little,boots on the ground will stop it.Nobody likes war,but this is just the barbaric out and out slaughter of innocent people.When you harm a child,animal,or a woman,the line is crossed.Political correctness is going to kill us.

    • I agree it has to be stopped. In effect there has been a war going on for a dozen years now. It is too much. Thousands of people are killed annually and it is indiscriminate. Muslim killing Muslim. I find it totally crazy and depressing. It is hurting and destabilising the world.

      • There is no justification for the Taliban killing those children and their teachers. I really feel for their families and friends.

        This isn’t really anything to do with religion. The Taliban and ISIS are just a bunch of mercenaries who enjoy killing and torturing people who don’t bend to their will. They want power, but since they cannot rule by respect, they do it by instilling fear.

        Sadly this is nothing new. Throughout the history of the world, there have been many atrocities committed in the name of religion or allegiance to one’s own country. Humans are a violent species and for as long as we inhabit the earth, violence will be ever present.

        I think Nathan summed it up perfectly when he said “If we persist to be β€œpests”, the planet will shake us all off like a bad case of fleas.”

        • Thanks Michele. It seems that true cat/animals lovers are more sensitive to the notion that humans are pests or like bacteria invading the planet while human alpha males who are using and abusing don’t get it.

  2. This makes me feel very sad for all the good people in this world, no matter which country they live in, because good human beings worldwide have to live amongst the bad.
    It makes me very sad for animals too because until all humans realise and respect that the lives of all other humans are precious and until the killing is stopped, there is no chance for the lives of animals to be deemed precious too.
    We write about cats because we care about cats but it doesn’t mean we don’t care about people and other species of animals too.
    We can break our hearts for those children and their families and with sadness as to the state of the world, but we can’t stop bad things happening.
    One day it will all end but the good people will suffer with the bad and we can’t stop that either.

  3. I say Taliban interpret Islam, They do not follow Islamic real teachings. Why are we, being ignorant about Islamic faith blaming only to Islam.

    Are USA soldiers Christians??? if so, what have they done to populated areas of million of people??? just to steal any other country’s resources (oil)?

    Is this Christianity? I don’t believe this is, but I am never gonna blame Christianity for this? why should I blame Teachings of Christ/Jesus for this? if the so called christians (of today) are not following the teachings of JESUS (Allaihi Salam).

    The same is what I say always, be positive towards the issue, look at the ground realities, I am living/surviving within these people, not you all. πŸ™ They are some where closer or near me and I am in danger, non of you are. I should be much worry about the issue, why you are????

    This is a Paki (I mean Dirty Paki) Govt. stunt to have an AID from you western people, can you not understand the dirty bloody politics or it is only Ahsan ul haq who have taken the oath to speak the TRUTH????

    Michael if you were a soldier, I mean MAJOR so how much you know about your GENERAL’s decision about to capture or protect any unknown territory? The story (truth) behind the capturing that territory may be an agreement between highest command of a trillion dollars, who will suffer? Michael and his whole team of innocent soldiers who just follow the orders given to them in a limited phase. JUST OBEY or be court marshalled??? isn’t it not like that??? speak the truth ? I resigned from this bloody ARMY, who kill innocents for their money sake. I hate them all, all of them. I am not part of them but now I am alone protecting every innocent cat and kitten in my area. I am the one who is facing the blame to be a PAGAN by these Pakis because I love cats, I feed them in the name of Allah and Mohemmud SAW and I will just carry on the welfare even if my own family is killed. Don’t care, the welfare of cats will go on. πŸ™

    • I say Taliban interpret Islam, They do not follow Islamic real teachings

      I agree that extremist Muslims interpret the Koran in their own way which suits them and they do not follow the real teachings of Islam. However, there are too many people who do not follow the real teachings of the Islamic faith because they construe the faith to fit with their own agenda. This is one of the hazards and dangers of religion generally. The same thing happened with Christianity hundreds of years ago and still does.

      Christians have been no better. I’m not supporting Christians. Christianity has done an untold amount of damage over the centuries.

      I think you will find that a sizeable percentage of the population of people living in the West agree that religion has caused more trouble than any other aspect of human culture although of course it has helped many individual people but by and large it is a very troublesome concept; religion.

    • No my brother, I will say, So called mUslims are killing ignorant human beings πŸ˜‰

      and so hindus are doing who in my eyes are so called hIndus

      So christians are doing who are not actually followers of my JESUS (Alaihi salam may peace and greatness be with him)

      So are so called JEWS doing, killing unarmed human being upon their ignorance or belief.

      When are we going to understand and tolerate each other being children of ADAM and EVE or Okay so let us be atleast children of GOD πŸ˜‰

      If we are united, we can demolish TALIBAN forces and forces like them but if we just start our BLAME GAME, every things goes.

      God bless you brother, I am preparing for the charity and prayers in local church for xmas <3

      • What the Islamic extremists are doing is behaving like Christian crusaders of 900 years ago. They have turned the clock back hundreds of years. They are barbaric bastards. They are ignorant and ill-educated. The world moved on but these people are living in the past.

        • This war is between the USA politicians (Eluminaties) and so called Islamic extremists. One side stealing OIL, other defending Oil and fun. πŸ™

          The third Crusade is upcoming soon πŸ™

          • LOL. I just want to say that I respect the Islamic faith and I like the Islamic faith so please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. I just hate and totally detest idiot people who construe religion to suit their own agenda and in doing so slaughter innocent children who have no part in these ridiculous matters.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about the event, Michael.

    I first came to know about this incident at (19:30) when one of my bachelor degree ENGLISH student came at my home to ask me if I need any help regarding my kidney pain. During the discussion, he told me about 123 children has been shot by these BASTARDS. So, I directly opened the web of wikipedia and was stun. GREAT! So this is the message of ISLAM which they are trying to give to the International community of mankind. πŸ™

    Michael! as some of us or many in the west will believe that ISLAM is what TALIBAN are upto is totally incorrect. Talibaan are KHWARAJ (Outsiders of ISLAM), this group was very active in the era of the last 2 CALIPHs of Islam in the history. and unfortunately, it is again in the rise. Unfortunately again, Pakistan and Afghanistan has become their territory.

    And not only these two countries are effected by these insects alike human beings but also other countries. They are part of ILUMINATIES (The satan worshipers).

    Sorry to state it very openly on PoC but the truth is that they are not locals, but hired people on high rates of salaries. They have nothing to do with Islam or Islamic faith, but they are injected as a VIRUS INJECTION.

    What I indicated before in many of my articles on PoC, (Click the link for my articles and discussions upon Islam where ever on PoC https://pictures-of-cats.org/author/ahsan), Islam is totally considered with the welfare of human beings and animals on this planet earth but what is happening is not Islam. Can they be a MOSLEM then? Okay kill them all, go ahead!!! My pleasure!. Blame them, kill them , they are terrorists, because in your heads they are mUslims (not with o but with u). No, My friend! this kind of blind discussion on any ones faith without having sufficient knowledge is not a master piece. It will be considered as a blaming game on any religion whether that is Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.

    The basic is LITERACY level and trying to understand the main reasons of the events.

    Cool down and look on the ground realities.

    As we know that there is ongoing war against terror in Pakistan. That means only a few brains are terrorist but not the whole Pakistan or its population, otherwise, why should we population support our army, YES WE WANT PEACE FROM THEM, KILL THEM, SLAUGHTER THEM and F*ck them πŸ™

    Pakistani army alongwith America slaughtered their children, entering into their homes, killed their families. RESULT===========REVENGE πŸ™ Now its your turn Pakistanis πŸ™

    Please try to understand the basics and ground realities Michael, I am not a foolish sentimental bastard speaking with my open mouth without collecting the facts. I love truth only and only truth.

    Now let me also indicate towards a big big issue here in Pakistan that the politicians are backing Talibaan, many of them and inside army there are many backing up them. Who will bring them into justice???? any answer????

    Taliban writers are writing books, selling in the open market here in Pakistan. Example: MOLVI ASIM UMER’s Dajjal book series. He is one of them but very popular writer. Any one that can keep an eye or BAN his books within Pakistan???? No because they get their share???? do they or something hidden agenda????

    I hate meat, its like eating my own flesh. Do I have the 100 % right to become a vegetarian in Pakistan???? Its my personal matter. πŸ™ But no I am a PAGAN in the eyes of a simple priest of mosque here. KAFIR! they say πŸ™

    Many and I mean 99% believe that I am PAGAN because I love cats and hold them in my arms. IGNORANCE! or wrongly delivered religion.

    We all know that there is a big big alteration in the Jewish, Christianity and Islam. The roots are same but the upcoming priests and pops have altered the whole phenomenon and all conceptions.

    What today, if I start interpreting Islam according to my personal believes, should the orthodox religion be remaining in me???? But simple brain people will definitely call me a mUslim. But actually I will be a heretic.

    I am deeply sorry for long comments but I thought it was necessary, and at last I may say that I miss MOSES too much.

    Oh Moses my beloved one prophet of Allah! I stand as you stood alone in the way of Farao to release free the children of Israel, I stand alone in the welfare of my children(cats and kittens) and I will lead every cruel to his / her faith until the last breath of mine. (means with love and literacy I will guide them)

    So, It was written
    So, it shall be done <3

    • So this is the message of ISLAM which they are trying to give to the International community of mankind

      Exactly. How can they expect people to convert to Islam if Islam represents extreme violence? They are selling a version of Islam which is abhorrent to all decent minded people. The world is learning to hate the Islamic faith.

      I’ll comment some more later but it is late here and I am tired. I have just been to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington to go ice skating πŸ˜‰ .

    • They have nothing to do with Islam or Islamic faith, but they are injected as a VIRUS INJECTION.

      The trouble is that the world sees them as Islamic extremists wishing to impose Islam on the world and therefore it is hugely damaging to the Islamic Faith.

      The Islamic Faith is dying in my view because of more than a decade of extreme violence attached to it. This is the opposite to the desired goal.

      It is getting worse. It has to stop but it is unstoppable. It is madness and it is hurting the world on so many levels.

        • Islamic faith is only the orthodox faith Michael! It is a humane direction towards lord of heavens. It does not allow to kill old people ate all, neither children, nor women. as I have also mentioned the rules of war in my one post on PoC. If Talibaan kill innocent children of the school, it means they dis-obey the rules of Islam given by the prophet Mohemmud SAW, then how a man (scholar) can consider them as moslems???? The majority 90% population of Pakistan do not believe in Taliban religion which is not Islam but actually KHAWARAJ religion. KHAWARAJ means out-siders pretending to be moslems but actually from different race of religions and faiths including self interpreters of Islam.

          I hope instead of blaming Islam, my friends you will understand the worst of what Pakistan and her population is facing. Just think what if you were instead of us?

          • Ahsan,I’m not blaming the Islamic faith. That cannot be blamed but I am blaming the interpretation of it by people who profess to be Muslims. There are quite a lot of Muslims in the West who apply a strict interpretation of the Koran and who genuinely want to join jihad. I remember working in a law firm owned and run by a Muslim and his brother said he wanted to go and fight in the Middle East! I got the impression he was bored and wanted to do something exciting.

            Personally, I like the Islam faith and I like Muslims but the point I’m making is that Muslim extremists are or have created an the image of the Islamic faith which is very poor indeed. People are becoming frightened of Muslims. They are becoming unsure and distrustful of people with beards and wearing gowns. That is the case in the West. It might be irrational but it does not matter because when Muslims or people who pretend to be Muslims kill people all the time (and a lot of the people they kill are also Muslims) and it is well publicised in the newspapers, then you generate an image and a profile of the Islamic faith which is not helpful for mainstream Muslims who are law-abiding and peaceful.

            And these people who aren’t true Muslims are behaving as if they’re on a crusade which is very similar to what happened 1000 years ago. They are basing their behaviour upon the Koran which was written about 1400 years ago and therefore some aspects of it are out of date.

    • Ahsan,
      I love the image of you as Moses and your cats the children of Israel. Except that the children of Israel constantly grumbled and gave Moses all kinds of trouble, causing him no end of grief. I love where Moses gets so frustrated he says to God, “Did I give birth to all these people?”

      Your cats, unlike human beings, are perfect and good. How can you be called a pagan for loving God’s creatures? God loves His whole creation– are we not called to love it also?

      Christianity has people like that too– quick to say that others aren’t true believers, that their faith is somehow suspect. But only God knows the heart. I dealt with people like that in college and finally just left to live off campus. My husband was at the same school at that time, but he just laughed at them.

      I was told I was not a Christian because I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant that also housed a bar, and because the establishment I worked for served alcohol I was in no way living as a Christian should. They badgered me about that (among other things) and it really hurt me.

      But their criticism was as stupid and unfounded as those who claim your love of cats separates you from God. In reality it can only bring you closer to Him.

  5. The World isn’t damaged, WE are. Sure we may have depleted some “natural resources”, done some atrocious deforestation,etc; but the World will be just fine in the “long run”. If we persist to be “pests”, the planet will shake us all off like a bad case of fleas.

    It is indeed a tragedy that not only 132 children died, but also the countless others that have paid the ultimate price for what? Religious beliefs? Perhaps… Religion has been used by those in “power” since they figured out it is a great way to control people. Control them enough to justify killing 132 CHILDREN, and think its alright… I dont have any answers, I do not intend to offend any individuals’ religious beliefs…BUT, some religions are automatically offended if you dont believe the same thing they do…to the point of extremism. Again, I am not trying to single out any particular faith, they ALL have skeletons in their closets…quite literally.

    Aside from that quagmire…I think that cats are MOST important in times like these. Those children are gone. They are not the first, and sadly will not be the last. But maybe a brother, sister, parent, whatever, survived: and all they has left is their cat(s). I am not saying that cat ownership is the solution to all of Humanity’s problems, but it would give everybody something in common. Something to bring us together rather than tear us apart…something…

      • Thanks… Well, that is a rather loaded statement. Yes, us “older” people might inherently distrust what the younger people do with the world they inherit, but I also believe that there should be great concern for current global political agendas that further separate the classes, essentially creating a plutocracy. The few that own the most, control much more than we probably are aware of. The media is a joke, especially American…they are all just propaganda machines; carefully selecting the “news” we receive. Just another form of brainwashing. So…what’s a person to do? I’m part of the “machine” whether I like it or not.

        • I am with you on that. We need a good revolution. It all feels wrong to me and I wonder something big is going to happen. There appears to be a convergence of world events: mass terrorism, religious intolerance, fragile economy, printing money, environmental destruction, East versus West, Russia, Middle East mess, and more.

          • Yep, something about hell in a handbasket? Not sure if there is such a thing as a good revolution…they all seem to eventually come around full circle back into the the ways of old, or something worse. Of course that is just what I have heard second hand from the media and “his”tory. I did spend quite a bit of time in the stacks(library) in college for various school work and play.

            In all honesty, I think this “civilization” is indeed at a precipice, and unless something changes; only bad things will come. Doom and gloom maybe, but as you mentioned there seems to be a “perfect storm” a brewin’, somethings gotta give…. or maybe, we all just keep on waiting, focusing on that storm, forgetting about our part in the machine, as time and the “system” we maintain marches on…I dunno. πŸ™‚

            • I agree that revolutions often don’t succeed in creating a better society but it seems that the pressure builds up when only a revolution of some sort is the logical next step. I just think humankind is living very dangerously at the moment. We are not behaving sensibly and noticing the warning signs or we are not responding to the warning signs.

  6. It has been such a pleasure reading Ahsan’s stories, and watching his lovely videos. My heart goes out to him and I appreciate all he does. I’m sorry this happened in his country. He is such s beautiful person, I still believe there is more good than evil in the world. When these things happen, it is hard to remember the good. Go back and see his videos, and feel that goodness.

  7. very sad indeed, Michael. . . love this post. . . I so agree!!! Prayers for the children and the families who will be missing them. . . tears and prayers. . .

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