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How Cats can Help with our Mental Health — 7 Comments

  1. I agree totally. Cats have been very much a big part of my life, but especially with my ongoing battle with mental health. I do believe they help so much, they are there with you in the sad times and good times. I think I would be alot worse if I didn’t have my Cats in my Life. They have given me joy and happiness. They know when im down or unhappy. I would recommend anyone who has some sort of mental illness or a health issue to have a cat or two. They help so much.

  2. With my sickness and stress after the teaching job, I am dead tired and feel pain but when ever I go to the feral colony of my my fellows, they make me happy and relaxed and I feel inside me that I am easy, calm and satisfied. I look at them one by one and touch them, they sit beside me or they sit on my lap. few of them rub their heads with my shoulders. I just get my self in a new world where there is no stress, no tension, no any other thought and all beautiful as paradise. <3 <3 <3

  3. The good outweighs the bad in my world, for sure.
    For the most part, my cats are stress reducers for me, especially when we are all engaged.
    But, there are those times when they (I usually mean Damon) are stress producers.
    They, certainly, keep me in the moment.

  4. Sorry for bragging but i am a outstanding example of a single person being happy with a pair of cats and a little help from my human house caretaker.Honestly, i do feel responsible for the care and welfare of my pets akin to parents for their child or children. Call me eccentric but thats the happiness that i get from owning two cats while earning my income and livelihood working from home.

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