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How cats purr, when and why — 3 Comments

  1. I noticed some years ago that my cat, Simon, sometimes purred to make himself feel better. For example, we were living in the country and he contracted a spot of ringworm. While he was lying on the vet’s table, he fell asleep purring. The purring continued even while the vet was taking a scraping from the affected area. To me, it’s like meditation for a cat, as well as a way of expressing a desire for affection, prolonging the affection, etc. just as was mentioned in the article.

  2. While reading this article, a thought came to mind that I had to share:

    While purring, the cat is saying, “You are important to me… Now Feed Me!”

    I know that is not always the case, but it is a bit humorous. My cat’s “motor” varies in intensity. Sometimes he is so loud that I can hear him across the room.

    As far as the healing properties of purring go, I don’t know if there is any real scientific proof. What I do know is when I am feeling a bit sad or under-the-weather, listening to my cat purr greatly improves my mood. My mother once said that a cat’s purr can cure anything. I know she was right as far as the heart is concerned. 😀

  3. Mitzy’s purr is almost inaudible, but when she’s on my lap or in close contact, I can hear it, if there’s no loud noise nearby. Her purr is the softest I’ve ever experienced in any cat I’ve had.

    I find her purr very soothing, even though it’s hard to hear.

    Other cats have sounds like little motors.

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