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How Cats Use Space and Patterns of Interaction (in the home) — 3 Comments

  1. Very good article as always Michael. I agree as with my 5 cats. They always reach their paws under the door, especially if its closed. If the door is half open they will try to push themselves though it, otherwise they will meow and cry for you to open it. I noticed when in the toilet, they love esp Jasmine to get their claws on the bottom part of the door, where there is fluff on the bottom. They often share areas together. Ozzie & Jasmine share most of the time together, they often are playing and fighting sometimes really high in the air. Sometimes there is fights amongst Tiger & Ozzie. When it used to be Cassy room where rob sleeps, Ozzie & tiger fight for attention now, so if one is asleep in there they battle each other.

    There is one question I want to ask. Is there any reason why Ozzie my Male Cat keeps mounting rebel whos less weak he seems content to keep doing this I dont really know why??

  2. Very interesting Michael. The most cats we have had at one time was five, although one was really a neighbour’s cat who didn’t get along with his sister so mostly lived with us. They all had their own favourite spots and respected each other and rarely fell out, although Walter did tend to bully the others if he got the chance.
    I think cats do wonderfully well even to tolerate sharing their home with new cats, imagine strange humans coming to live with us without even any notice, I doubt we would adjust and get along with most of them the way cats do.

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