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How closing down a cat sanctuary can make a lot of money for a veterinarian — 14 Comments

  1. Absolute nonsense – she was a hoarder not looking after the animals – you’d be terrified of UK animal welfare if you saw exactly the state and lies provided by some ‘rescues’ I’ve seen loads!!! This article twists the evidence and ignores the animals which were not being looked after, nor did this person prove she even had the means to inoculate any of the cats which were infected and passing it to each other! THATS HOARDING NOT ANIMAL WELFARE!!!!

    If the link of the inspector is all you’re going off, you do realise that Sarah Mellanby also worked for the RSPCA prior and knew exactly how cats should be treated and cared for, with all the required infection control procedures yet didn’t, nor did she pay attention to any of the prior notices provided by the RSPCA!

    While calling her a ‘sanctuary owner’ its either a charity owned by the public or a private dwelling who is hoarding cats!

    To say this site is Passionate about Cat Welfare and post an article like this is ridiculous! Check the facts before you reiterate a Dailymail article!

    Another example of a ‘rescue’ which people falsely believe is doing good exposed here!

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting Dan. I am pleased you commented. All I can do it comment on what I read. I am cynical and careful but without first hand evidence I am in hands of others. I am passionate about cat welfare. Really. It’s true.

    • This is P.S. I don’t think you have fully read the article. I am not saying she was not a hoarder. I am saying the vet made some money out of it.

  2. This whole debacle smacks of nepotism, collusion, and with the end result of possible animal cruelty, depending on the ultimate care of the cats removed from the sanctuary.

    In my opinion, the RSPCA is culpable in that its inspector was once employed by the reporting Veterinarian, Ms. Patterson. Furthermore, the RSPCA entered into “business” with Ms. Patterson, by employing her to handle the veterinary care of the impounded cats. This doesn’t seem wise, under the circumstances.

    Thus it seems to be a matter of “one hand washing another” on one side, with the defendant of the criminal charges “taking a bath” on the other side.

    • That perfect home doesn’t exist for many animals. So unless she had real violations and some complaints nothing good was accomplished.

  3. Now I don’t know all the facts, but they worked together for the Vets benefit and the RSPCA.

    Did the cats come out ahead in the process? I have to wonder about this.we are aware that their are so called animal lovers out there who will rush in to rescue and adopt a pet to feel good about themselves. Like a temporary high some hoarders get from finding a treasure at the flea market Double Pun Intended here.Unfortunately they loose interest before the animal can acclimate to a new environment.


    • Eva, there have been instances of the RSPCA being too eager to prosecute and cats have suffered or been put down as a result. I am not sure the cats came of well at the end of this event.

      • Harsh reality here. Just about everyone could be found in violation of some animal cruelty law if you have someone eager to pursue it. I have seen AC laws pressed on an unbalanced scale many times. A rescue of private citizen pisses off the wrong person and they grow a target on their back. There is a dog rescue a few miles from here that I think is appalling. Yet AC can’t say enough good about them. She’s taking all the dogs that can’t be adopted and caging them. That way the county shelter maintains a near zero euthanasia rate.

  4. In our state a veterinarian is mandated to report AND they cannot be held accountable for any resulting investigation by the pet owners if it’s unfounded.

  5. it sounds the same someone just wanting money the root of all evil I don’t believe that they even cared about the cats truly they only cared how it sounds to me about the money.

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