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  1. You and your good friends should be proud of yourselves for being so kind and helpful,however that evil,horrible and cruel woman who conned you all and left those darling cats to die should be in prison for ever so she can’t do any of these things again.I have a sticker on my car that says I LOVE CATS IT’S PEOPLE I CAN’T STAND and that sort of person is a good example of what I mean.

    • Hello Ali. Thanks for visiting. I agree with you completely. This woman has been smarter than the police and the courts in evading both for a long time. You might know my attitude about people which is not dissimilar to yours by the way!

    • Everyone was convinced she would go to prison this time but she walked free once again and got away with all her debts too, I know our local police were sickened that the Courts had let them down once again.

      • I bet the police were sickened and they deserve to feel that way.They get these people in court where they should be and then the judge let’s them off,it makes me sick.What does this woman have to do to be put in prison,it’s just NOT good enough.

        • Yes the police and all her victims were sickened about this, we were sure she would go to prison this time. The judge has knowingly set a serial conwoman free who moves to different parts of the country and changes her name all the time in order to con more people.
          One of her victims is a broken man, he almost lost his business over it, he is obsessed by what she did to him and can’t move on. He goes over and over it, poor chap he had a lot of flak from his wife who told him how stupid he was to trust her, but his wife had never met her so she doesn’t know what a wonderful actress and how convincing she is. Looking back we can see her pattern but at the time she seemed to be a genuine lovely cat loving person. We just have to hope next time she’s brought to court(and she will be) that the judge then will lock her up!

          • With all the damage these sorts of people cause they should be locked up forever and NEVER let back into society.Others say I am very harsh saying that but I believe this is a crime that goes much deeper than conning people and leaving their cats behind.A woman like this can ruin people mentally and financially(as you mentioned about a guy that helped her)which then can result in depression,breakdowns and evenly sadly suicide.It also makes kind and generous people hard and bitter and they change because they don’t want it to happen to them again(and I can’t blame them),as they say ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY.

            • Yes we heard she almost drove a man to suicide after she left here to find fresh victims. Some say she’s a sociopath, well if that’s true and she can’t help how she is, then she should be locked up anyway because she’s just a ticking time bomb wherever she goes.
              But I think she’s really very clever and she knows her pathetic disabled act gets her off, then she rises like Lazarus each time her court case is over.

              • I hate to say this but some women are very intelligently able to play games with people’s minds. I am not saying that men cannot do it either but I believe that women are possibly more skilled at it due to inherent characteristics.

              • Yes I’m sure someone is watching and warning others…..and apparently there’s a PC in Herts determined to nail her….. before he retires lol

  2. Ruth and Babz!

    All I can add to this is thank God you were both there to help with the cats. Hoarders are very hard to deal with- it makes us sick to our stomachs. The cats are the innocents here- they didn’t ask to be taken by her.. they were just possessions.

    But they would have suffered horribly if you hadn’t stepped in the feed them. These cats had guardian angles caring for them.

    • We had an improvement in our finances after she’d gone but we would have gladly bought cat food forever for those cats, but we couldn’t have kept them all and it was taken out of our hands anyway when it was decided best to get them to safety at Kays Hill. If she HAD returned she’d have had Kevin and Leanne to reckon with, who of course she had also conned.
      She returned on a flying visit months later thinking the heat had died down, to choose what possessions to take from her house, we were told by the PC to keep out of it, pity as we’d have all loved to tell her what we thought of her. So along with her other ‘friend’ we watched from our bedroom window and saw her arrested, but it took the police 2 years to get her to court because she was ‘ill’ every time the date came around.

  3. Oh heck, reading this brings back all the horror and upset of those days, to think we trusted her and helped her, in good faith at the time, makes me feel so stupid and unworldly but we just didn’t recognise evil when we met it. Wherever she is now and whatever she is called it’s quite possible that she has cats again, the 2 year ban on keeping animals that the RSPCA won against her (in the name we knew her as) will be up now but anyway with a different name and location who would have known that she was banned? Being kind I would call her a chameleon, she can change to suit any occasion, she has the gift of being able to put herself across as genuine while underneath is a calculating cold-hearted woman who can sum up and seize any advantage from any situation for herself, being honest though I would just call her spawn of the Devil and I hope I never come across her again in this world or the next. Those cats were the victims, some thankfully have gone on to a better life but some never got the chance. The only one we have been able to stay in touch with is the brown tabby in the top left corner, we know for sure he is happier and better cared for than he ever was before in his whole life.

    • Babs how awful – I cant believe it – if you are a nice person you must make it a full time job to make sure you don’t get used and abused.

      • We have been used before but not to this extent and it has made us wary since of who we can trust, but we couldn’t live with taking it out on everyone just because of her, we think surely we couldn’t meet anyone else as bad in the same lifetime!

        • aww ruth its a hard situition when you get used or abused. As you dont get appreciated. I know for myself ive been in situitons like this. hugs

  4. this is just so sad. but maybe she didnt deserve them as she sounds she didnt really care. she shouldnt be allowed to have any cats if thats what she did.

    • We thought she was a genuine cat lover, I think she did love them in a way but when it came to saving her own skin she didn’t love them enough.

      • yea thats the thing its hard to know if someone is genuiue or not. often its by their actions that they can proven wrong or right. its the cats i feel sorry for. I know cant save them all. Some humans can just be so cruel.

  5. So, this is who you were eluding to when I was writing about my old friend, Jeff, who decided to turn criminal.
    This woman is a career criminal in my opinion and, minimally, a sociopath without conscience. It disheartening that the law just keeps giving out hand slaps.
    You and Babz are so kind hearted, but you’re nowhere near stupid or naive. So, she was, obviously, very good and well practiced at what she does.
    I’m glad that the outcome for most of the cats was positive.
    Being duped feels lousy.

    • Yes she probably is a sociopath and should have been locked up years ago because she has caused terrible heartbreak and stress to too many people. The jury found her guilty for what she did here and we thought she would definitely go to prison but no the judge decided she could walk free once again.


    • Thank you Nancy, we couldn’t do anything about her cats because once she realised we had sussed her out, she kept us out of her house. This is how evil she is, I phone the workplace of the man she followed asking to get a message to her to come back or she’d lose all her cats. What did she do? Sent the police after me with a harassment order! Thankfully our lovely neighbourhood PC who was the one involved and the one who later arrested her, sorted it out by contacting the Herts police and explaining what had really happened.

  7. She has no conscience and sadly its a fact of life that some people don’t and its also a fact that these people survive and in fact thrive on the good nature and trust of others. As for her cats well as I say she has no conscience if you look at her eyes they are dead I don’t think she has a soul in there at all and that’s how she does it.

    I know at the time Ruth, you and Barbara went through hell and you were so traumatised by what she did. You did everything you could and more at the time and you did look after and love those cats as though they were your own, no one could have done more.

    • Yes it was terrible Leah, we felt as if we could never get over it, we had to move on as best we could but every time a reminder pops up, like the recent court case, we relive the horror and especially the sadness about those cats.

  8. She looks as horrendous as she is! I have never heard of somebody’s so immoral within my circle of friends. She is by far the worst person that I have heard of who has had contact with one of my friends. The trouble is, Ruth, that you are honest and straightforward and she took advantage of that fact in a very big way. She was totally unscrupulous and as you say she has more or less evaded the courts and her just deserts indefinitely.

    In some ways it is quite instructive because you and I can put a face to a person who has no problem in abandoning her cats. This is the sort of person who abandons cats.

    • Yes she took advantage of Babz and me and at first we were sick with shock and shame that we had been so gullible but then we heard of all her other victims who had also been taken in by her, she is a very clever woman, very convincing.
      The three cases at Court last time were the only ones out of the dozens of victims who reported her that there was proof of, she fleeced her other ‘close friend’ of £1000 and made sure she was turned against us so we couldn’t compare notes. She’s a lovely lady, we are friends now but like the gardener and all the rest of us, she wanted to see her imprisoned to stop her from doing it to others. Too late, she already has! Hopefully it will all catch up with her one day.

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