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How did two cats end up in a deep gully in front of a building with no escape?

Two cute cats, Barney and Bradley have been rescued. They were spotted in a deep, dead space with no way out in front of a building in Burnley, Lancashire, UK as you can see from the picture. The RSCPA are unsure how they got there. Burnley is a town ‘up north’ with a population of about 73,000.

Photo: RSCPA? Annotated by PoC.

It is hard to believe that the cats ended up at the bottom of this gully in any way other than being thrown there by someone intent on being cruel. But it is odd. The place is in the middle of Burnley by the look of it. It is very unlikely that domestic cats would be wandering around the centre of Burnley waiting for someone to be nasty to them. It is more likely that the owner drove by, parked his/her car, got out of the car and deposited the cats over the steel fence into the gully which is about a 10 plus foot drop. If that’s right the cats could have been injured but they survived unharmed.

Bradley, is about 5 and nervous while Barney is black, aged about 12 months and relaxed. Comments welcome.


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