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How did your cat declare to you that you were ‘the one’ for them? — 3 Comments

  1. Mr. Spunky is the only cat that shared a mutual bond with me. I loved that cat. Funny and intelligent, he set the pace for loving and play. He taught me how to be a cat person. His actual name is Lovable Punk@ss, but he was also known as the Spunkmeister.

    He never asked permission to climb on me. I was his person. He would ask me to move stuff around. He was a terrible jumper and I had to arrange furniture so he wouldn’t break his neck. So he usually asked.

    I miss that cat.

    • Spunky made his LOUD declaration from the cage he was in. He was yelling so I took him home. He wasn’t for sale. He was a discard that a lady had taken in to her bird store.

      He refused to be in the floor at home. Scared. After three vet visits in two weeks, he realized I was a keeper and hit the floor.

      BTW, he was supposed to weeks when I acquired him and he weighed nine ounces. Very underweight, but he was small too. He did get to normal size and weighed nine lbs as an adult

  2. Barney is a shy Kitty and a wuss. I didn’t know he had bonded with me until I had to move and rehome kitties. He was despondent at the Cat Cafe. So I brought him to my new place and he was instantly happy. I’m the only one he’s not afraid of.

    He’s great with the dogs and Lucy.

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