How did your cat declare to you that you were ‘the one’ for them?

Cat chooses person
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Many years ago (mid-1908s) I can remember my ex-wife and I visiting a neighbour who wanted us to adopt two of his kittens. He was an irresponsible cat ‘owner’ who consistently let his female cat become pregnant because he thought it was good for his cat. At the time we lived in Notting Hill Gate not far from the home of the bookseller, played by Hugh Grant, in the film Notting Hill Gate.

The cat I loved
The cat I loved. She was a random bred cat and the sister of a black male who declared that my ex-wife was the one for him.

There were around five kittens, as I recall. The black boy came over to my ex-wife (Geraldine) and sat on her legs and looked up at her. She was sitting on the carpet at the time. That was a pretty positive signal which declared to her that he wanted her to adopt him. She accepted and I adopted his sister. They brought great joy. I loved my female cat dearly and her loss still hurts 24 years after her death.

With my current cat, I fell in love with him while fostering him as a 7-week-old kitten. There was no ‘declaration’ just a creeping attachment ending in genuine love. The answer is that you’ll know if you are genuinely open to adopting. Let the cat approach and let the events take their course.

I don’t think there is any one way and sometimes there is no ‘declaration’ as mentioned. You can take on a semi-feral cat because he walked into your life and after a couple of years you find that you love the fella and his company. He becomes the world to you. It works that way sometimes and that applies to human-to-human relationships too.

This is the way love works. There’s no formula and there is no formula for finding the ‘right cat’. In general people say that the cat chooses the person. There is some truth in this because in a cat shelter or at a breeder’s you let the cat take the lead and don’t force yourself on her or him. You find out how willing they are to be friends. However, this should not preclude shy and timid cats who may be slow in coming forward.


3 thoughts on “How did your cat declare to you that you were ‘the one’ for them?”

  1. Mr. Spunky is the only cat that shared a mutual bond with me. I loved that cat. Funny and intelligent, he set the pace for loving and play. He taught me how to be a cat person. His actual name is Lovable Punk@ss, but he was also known as the Spunkmeister.

    He never asked permission to climb on me. I was his person. He would ask me to move stuff around. He was a terrible jumper and I had to arrange furniture so he wouldn’t break his neck. So he usually asked.

    I miss that cat.

    • Spunky made his LOUD declaration from the cage he was in. He was yelling so I took him home. He wasn’t for sale. He was a discard that a lady had taken in to her bird store.

      He refused to be in the floor at home. Scared. After three vet visits in two weeks, he realized I was a keeper and hit the floor.

      BTW, he was supposed to weeks when I acquired him and he weighed nine ounces. Very underweight, but he was small too. He did get to normal size and weighed nine lbs as an adult

  2. Barney is a shy Kitty and a wuss. I didn’t know he had bonded with me until I had to move and rehome kitties. He was despondent at the Cat Cafe. So I brought him to my new place and he was instantly happy. I’m the only one he’s not afraid of.

    He’s great with the dogs and Lucy.


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