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How do cats make friends with other cats? — 5 Comments

  1. Ruth I know what you mean about female cats being dramatic Honey makes noises like she’s being slaughtered! All because the uneutered ginger tom keeps coming round!

    It is interesting though how the fluffy cat is trying to get on Charlie’s side 🙂

  2. Well I’m sure our cats are friendly with some other cats as sometimes see other cats come to visit. Some even come in the Cat door. Have two that quite often come to visit. A fluffy cat like Ozzie, but with more fur like Smokey and another tuxedo cat like Joseph. Will have to take a Photo some time.

  3. Walter rolls around like that when neighbours cats Narla and Madeyes, both females, are around, but neither trust him very much and hiss at him, so he usually ends up giving them a beating up. I think it’s when they come too far onto his territory, but he doesn’t hurt them, female cats are very dramatic!
    The black fluffy cat is on Charlie’s territory so no wonder he saw him/her off lol
    It’s fascinating when they’ve come to some sort of agreement over their territory, Walter and Jozef do mirror image rolling outside and they used to do that with Lilly who lived next door too, the ‘acceptance of friendship roll’

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