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How do cats say meow in Chinese?

Cat saying meow in Chinese. Picture: Pixabay. Words: PoC.

How do cats say meow in Chinese? What the question is asking is how people speaking the Chinese language say the word ‘meow’. Or the question could be re-written: How do you write and speak the cat sound ‘meow’ in Chinese?

And the answer is that they say it in the same way as people who are speaking English only the word ‘meow’ is different in Chinese but you’ll notice a similarity when using English characters:


Well, I learned that from a young woman who tried to make explaining it interesting but ended up irritating me because she kept on saying that cats are evil.

Despite that and despite the fact that cats are positively not evil, I thank her for answering the question.

I have to say that the question (taken from Google) is badly formulated because cats in China obviously make the sound ‘meow’ in the same way as cats in America because they have a universal language (universal set of vocalisations to be precise)! This is why I rewrote the question.

P.S. I realise that there are different varieties of Chinese but have ignored that in this article as it is a bit of fun.


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