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How Do Domestic Cats Spend Their Time? — 2 Comments

  1. An activity my cats enjoy is to go with me for a walk to the corner park where they can explore a little. This park is not active and we usually have it to ourselves. I also make a point of going early in the day when kids are in school, and I bring some kind of protection from dogs, just in case. They love the novelty of being in an area that’s different from their routine yard. In the summer I sometimes bring a blanket, toys, snacks and music and we stay awhile. Even if we only go for a few minutes I can tell they are rejuvenated by the experience and happy that I cared to do that for them.

  2. Make Gabs a water garden, plenty of marginal plants, in a large half barrel witha pond liner, it will look after itself. It will attract a lot of good insects – dragonflies etc. You may even get frogs! Some nice rough hewn cornish slate slabs piled up will provide a nice cover for the odd toad.

    Grow every type of catnip you can, plus a couple of honeysuckles. Shade plants like big ferns, low maintenance, good resting places, earthy wallows.

    Large log slices screwed onto a tripod of tree bough legs, different heights. Wood recycling projects have a lot of this stuff cheap.

    A big dead tree trunk, left on its side, maybe hollowed out a bit, cats love it.

    Different ground surfaces are good too.

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