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How do Geoffroy’s cats reproduce?

The earliest recorded age for a captive Geoffroy’s cat to reproduce is 18-months-of-age for both males and females (as at 2002). Zoo records also state that it is not uncommon for 10-year-old females to have young. The oldest is a thirteen-year-old. Captive cat records tell us that estrus occurs year round but the majority of estrus periods occur between February and August. Most young are born between April and October. Estrous periods last between one and twelve days. The age of the cat affects length of estrus period. The length of time between estrous periods varies between twenty-three to thirty-nine days. Copulations may occur on a high ledge in captivity. They are brief lasting from two to twenty-five seconds and occur from eight to one hundred and fifty times per day. Males hold the back of the females neck in their jaws as per domestic cats. Gestation (pregnancy) lasts from sixty-two to seventy-six days. Mothers have been known to pluck out their fur to line the birth den. Litter sizes vary between one and three kittens. The average litter size in captivity appears to be 1.5. Kittens are born with their eyes closed. They open eight to nineteen days later. By three to four weeks-of-age they are mobile and initiate play. By six to eight weeks they are on solid food. Weaning takes place at about seven weeks. Newborns weigh 65-90 grams. They are triple this by two-weeks-of-age. At six months they are almost as large as their mother. The interbirth interval (time between successive births) in captivity is 12.1 months. Two males in Chile travelled 25 kilometres from their natal range to set up home.

Geoffroy’s Cat Facts For Kids

Please ask for references to these facts. The umbrella source is Wild Cats of the World by Mel and Fiona Sunquist.

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