How do I apologize to my cat when I accidentally left him in the closet for 5 hours?

How do I apologize to my cat when I accidentally left him in the closet for 5 hours? This is a question asked by a human cat mom. You will feel like apologising because you are a good cat caretaker and you feel bad about your cat being locked in the closet for five hours. You’ll cuddle him gentle and whisper some soothing words in his ear.

Solution for cats getting stuck in closet
Solution for cats getting stuck in closet!
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A few tasty treats wouldn’t go amiss either but they aren’t essential because your cat won’t hold a grudge. He won’t be that upset or upset at all. He might have been a little concerned about things but will quickly settle in to his old routine the moment he is out.

Perhaps the important point is that your cat won’t feel the same about what happened as you do. You might feel relieved and happy that you have found him.

Your cat will calmly walk out of the closet a bit bemused as to why he was stuck there where he spent some snoozing in a cozy corner.

In my experience domestic cats are very accepting of what happens to them. Let’s think how a child would deal with being locked in the closet for five hours. There would probably be lots of noise, tears and tantrums. A cat will normally meow and wait. If nothing happens they’ll snooze and wait. They have an infinite capacity for patience when required.

It won’t change how he feels about you

Your cat won’t dislike you after being released from the closet. He won’t see you as a stupid person. He’ll accept it without blaming anybody . And your cat won’t blame himself for sneaking into the closet while you were not watching. Domestic cats accept and get on with things without grudge or hard feelings. That’s were they are better than humans some would agree.

Afterwards you’ll probably check more carefully to avoid a repeat occurrence. The big problem is that domestic cats slip into places very silently, quickly and discretely. It is easy to miss it.

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8 thoughts on “How do I apologize to my cat when I accidentally left him in the closet for 5 hours?”

  1. I really love the cat door! That is a much better idea than leaving the closet doors unlatched. Great for bedrooms too. We keep our inside doors open all the time unless we need privacy. So they aren’t really needed at my house. I do have a plain cat door separating the utility/litter room from the rest of the house.

  2. Love the cat door! Unfortunately I live in a rental, and can’t do that. I just watch to see who is in the room with me, and make sue they come out. My furbabies normally don’t want in the closets, as many years ago I left all closet doors open for all of the cats to see what was in there. After a couple of weeks, I think they all got together and decided there was absolutely nothing of any interest to them in any closet. They still can’t understand what’s so interesting to me when I go in the closet.

  3. Tsk, Michael. If you’d stop picking catnip and putting it in all your pockets, this *might* not have happened. 😉 That cat door is pretty neat.

  4. I put pet doors in all my inside doors years ago. That one in the picture is too cute. Unless your cat threw a stink in which case you would have heard him he probably settled down for a nap on the most expensive and most likely to show every cat hair piece of clothing you have and took a nap.


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