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How do I get my cat to come to me more? — 3 Comments

  1. This is bang on the money Michael.

    Different cats, different personalities, preferences and experiences.

    Not staring at cats, turning your body sideways on to a cat, is often helpful. It takes away what can be a rather confrontational stance many humans have with other species.

    My rule is let the cat come to me when it suits them. Learning a bit of feline body language such as the slow blink with a slow yawn, then turning your head away is very useful.

    Failing that smear your entire body with the cat’s favourite food 😌

    • Yes. I started turning sideways, which I agree is non-confrontational. Yours is the first time I’ve read someone else having the same idea. I’d also recommend being very in tune to how much praise or petting your cat wants upon doing what you want. Sometimes we’re too enthusiastic for them. They like a more dignified treatment I’ve found. My cats love my treatment so much that they come running whenever they just see me; and one gets to drooling profusely. So cute, and soggy.

      • Sideways works with all kinds of mammals. Bovine, ovine, porcine, equine, avian …and more. I would guess it might work with non mammalians too, given how powerful the full eye contact/full frontal stance is across the animal kingdom.

        I agree about not forcing your self on to your cats, physically or verbally. It is hard to resist this sometimes, but worth it, for the trust and enthusiasm they show us. Tone of voice is important too. I have never met a cat who appears to enjoy high pitched human squealing or screeching.

        I love a drooler, ecstatic with love!

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