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How do I know if my cat is feeling cold? — 2 Comments

  1. People who leave their companion animals outside in the cold should be subjected to at least one night in whatever shelter or lack of shelter with no more protection than the animal had.

  2. If they are seeking out warmth, then I think they feel cold enough (or less than comfortable) to do so.

    I think some cats mind the cold less than others, just like humans.

    If Jet is getting a bit of a diabetic hypo’ he is very cold, ears, paws, body. It happens sometimes out of the blue.

    Cats I have cared for that have been strays over winters, tended to prefer being glued to a nice warm human, or over a radiator. They haven’t been so keen on going out in any inclement weather.

    Different life stages seem to affect how much cold or heat that cats can tolerate too.

    So like humans! But hey, we are mammals too!

    Currently trapped on sofa by 7kg cat who believes that a room temperature of 21°C is simply too chilly. I am roasting, but must not disturb the comfy puss. That would be criminal 🐱

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