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How Do I Socialise My Adult Cat? — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for your comments. My cat feels secure in my room and hides in the closet or under my bed, but will come out and attack the dog when she visits us. The children only come about 1 foot into the room and run from the cat if he hisses at them. On occasion my cat will venture into the rest of the house to look for me or for food. Some days he’s been able to sleep on the floor beside my chair while the dog sleeps on the floor on the other side of my chair, so I suppose we are making some progress? Knowing his previous owner, I assume he was not socialized at all as a kitten, but that is not certain. After 3-4 years with me, however, I expected he would get over it and he has only made minimal improvement. I may try the Feliway and will let you know if it does anything.

  2. Yes i agree with what Michael & Cal said. I agree it takes time and if there are other cats in the house they need time too. Only now have all cats got along with Jasmine. I love the idea you said Cal. As it attempts him to get brave if he wants more water or food. He slowly starts to trust you. Sometimes it can take awhile but with lots of cuddles and pats and time with kitty and other cats. Im sure he will get used to it.

  3. Not much I can add to your good advice Michael and Caroline and I agree that forcing a cat to interact is wrong, I would never force a cat to be sociable with people, especially children, if it obviously stressed him.
    Let him have a private place in a quiet room and if he eventually decides he wants to join the company, then it’s his own choice. Some cats are much happier on their own!

    • Yes, it is about being lead by the cat and if a change in personality is demanded it has to be super gentle. You have to outsmart a cat not push a cat. That said I a leopard doesn’t change his spots as they say so I don’t think a lot can be done in truth.

  4. I don’t know if this helps, but I would like to explain what I did with my Shrimp. He would hide in a basement cupboard for days at a time, rarely coming upstairs to see what was going on. I fed him in that basement cupboard. His water dishes were placed not only in the cupboard but also leading up the stairs to the main floor. I slowly let the water dish in the cupboard go bare, so that he had to find water on the stairs, and then I slowly removed those, until he only had water upstairs. He would come to me out of curiosity (I assume), and then I would go out to the kitchen and grab a shaving of deli turkey and place in my mouth, after sitting back down on the couch. He would gingerly approach me, ever so carefully, until he was on my belly, and then he would take it from my mouth. He was so careful and so tentative about it, but he would take it.

    That is how I learned his trust.

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